Sunday 30 December 2018


I am in this glorious state that anyone can relate - it's the period between Christmas and New Year when you get lost on what date is it and what to do next. Actually, I am having a seriously bloated tummy as of this writing and boy it is painful. I'm hearing some weird growling sounds right now.  Thanks to the heaps of beans I've eaten when we ate out. A classic example that homemade food will always be the best! Anyway, this thingy will not stop me from counting my gifts because they are just too precious to put off.

Health. I've started to clock in a much needed exercise summer of last year. It was shortly punctuated by the festive period but hopefully I'll come back re-energised. On the grand scheme of things, health is such a rare gift. We think it is our birth right to be healthy but a visit to a hospital or even a quick search on youtube will prove otherwise. I realised that, without health, I will not be able to enjoy the finer things in life. That said, I'll make it a point to nourish, be grateful and celebrate this amazing machine called human body whenever I can.

Faith. This word gets such a bad rap in this high-tech age. When you take a closer look on the strongest of people, they all have one thing in common... faith. It is inevitable to say that when you feel anxious, experience some sort of tragedy, have some bouts of emotions from the mildest to most extreme... you need to have faith on someone higher than you. I see my faith as a gift. I hope you find yours too.

Family and Friends. The fact that I know that they are happy and healthy is a gift by itself. I also find comfort that I spent most of my 20's closely knitted with them and so now that I am thousand miles away from home, I don't have any regrets. We had our season and there's more to come. There's so many things to get excited about for next year! Thanks to technology, there's never a single day that I am not laughing and keeping in touch with them.

Relationship. My latest post about relationship is one of the most viewed posts on my Blogmas 2018 series. My mum always tell me that God has prepared someone better for me {this was when I was crying over some silly boy who broke my heart. Yep! I had my fair share of those!}. It took ages that, if I'm honest, I stopped believing at some point. However, as is always the case, she is right! I got this gift Christmas of 2015 and I haven't stopped smiling ever since.

Work. You may be surprised I see this as a gift but yes, I take my work as a gift. I am thankful that I get to spend 1/3 of my day each work week doing something I like. Love is a strong word so 'like' is more apt. I've been planning to post a day in my life as a consultant soon so let's see. I am ever grateful that I have a good relationship with most of the people I work with. I find joy that I can be "let's-talk-about-real-stuff-in-life friends" with some of them. You don't encounter these things every time and for that, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

These gifts far outweigh material, shiny things that you can get from the store. These won't tarnish by the most latest model but will blossom if you take good care of them. I think we need to be celebrate these gifts while we can, while they - or we - are still here. -CMK


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