Friday 28 December 2018


Kristine, come here and let's decorate the Christmas tree! Off I went downstairs and saw this giant, living Christmas tree to decorate! My heart was wowed. Even if I can't count how many times I've poked my fingers {the real ones are prickly}, I didn't mind. Ours in London is a baby version of this tree {take a peek HERE} but I love it just the same. Back in Gab's house, we gathered around the tree and decorated it from top to bottom. As the title puts, this was my very first home-y countryside Christmas and I will never forget this magical moment. I only wish we can do it every year.

Love means home made food. I know that love should be spelt as t-i-m-e but isn't it more glorious to have it in terms of hearty food? It takes time, lots of time and effort and quality ingredients too. I put some food photos that I snapped below. I am still in awe on how Gab's mum can make it all from scratch! She puts organic and clean cooking on a whole new level. Christmas means family. We visited so many friends and families over our week-long stay. It gave me a picture on how they put importance on togetherness. Each night after dinner, we talked and laughed on the living room while watching some movies like Home Alone, Bridget Jones' Baby, Sister Act and Kate and Leopold. Baby, it is *indeed cold outside. I know London can be cold but Austria / Hungary was freezing! Weather throughout our stay was close to zero which added to the season's cosy vibe. Maybe one of the goals of Christmas is to equip us with good, warm thoughts whole year round. I definitely missed my family 6,125 miles back home but if there's one thing I've learnt about life it is to appreciate the present. In the midst of the festivities, I smile because I know that there are so many things to be thankful for. -CMK


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