Tuesday 4 December 2018


I am not entirely sure if this counts as a routine as it is incredibly simple. When I finally decided to commit to an exercise, I promised myself to make it so simple that it should become an auto pilot for me. I started last June and so happy to tell you still doing it. Since it is winter though, I find it so hard to motivate myself to do it as much as I'd like to. I am a bit naughty these days because from my usual thrice a week run, it is slowly morphing into twice a week due to travel, weather, Christmas and well... excuses in general.

So here goes: a) set the treadmill to 3K b) play a smashing music (at the moment, that is THANK YOU, NEXT by Ariana Grande) and c) run the songs away! At first, I thought I would be bored but I rarely have that episode (and those rarity is because I forgot my phone and headset). Let's talk about gym stuff. Like my routine, I like my gym clothes to be few but quality. I've had my share of cheap gym clothes and it's not fun to wear at all (especially when you have big boobs). Now, I only have six running pieces that I use and swear by:

1. UA Vanish High Zip Sports Bra in Red Orange from Under Armour
2. UA Armour Fly Fast Graphic Crop from Under Armour
3. Black leggings with Logo from Nike (got this one last 2016 from an outlet store at Cheshire Oaks)
4. Don't Rest Alpha Skin Sports Bra from Adidas (similar)
6. Gel-Pulse 10 Trainers from Asics

We owe it to bodies to have a healthy and quality life. -CMK


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