Friday 21 August 2015


Hello Guys! Today, I'll be sharing with you a quick post about my current foundation loves. I love them so much that I realised I've made a review for each of them (except for one). If you're on the look out for some products to try, this might fancy you. I'll be listing them in the order I apply them on my face so here we go:

You know how I feel about Olay moisturisers even before I started blogging so no further introduction is needed. Anyways, I love their 7 in 1 product line. They have so many variations but I am such a huge fan for all things Olay. To check out my review (with before and after results), click HERE.

Tip: You can use their facial advanced cleansing system every other day for exfoliation. Before I start my foundation routine, I make sure I put in 1 or 2 pumps of this beauty in my face.

Heads up that I'm about to use up this baby. I reckon it would take me 1-2 weeks and it's finished! This has been my go-to primer since the start of the year. Like what I've mentioned on my review HERE, it's silicone based but it's generally okay. What I've noticed though - after months and months of usage - is that it doesn't really help me mattify my T-zone. After 4 hour or so, you'll see a bit of oily-ness peeping through.

This product amazes me so much so that I've asked one of my best friends to buy one! She's been happy with it, I heard. After putting on my primer, I scooped in a 25-centavo size product and put it on using my pink beauty blender (BB) from BYS. The pink goddess has a Php 300 tag. It's true, when you use it, you'll see that airbrushed effect after. HERE's the complete dibs for L'oreal fonda.

Tip: L'oreal dries up fast in my opinion so I suggest put tiny dots on half of your face and dab your damp BB on it. Once done, do the other half. I typically clean my BB every after use (for hygienic purposes) and I use Johnson's baby shampoo as a cleaner. Most youtubers do that too so might as well!
Last but not the least...

Another product that's about to hit rock bottom. In fact, when it made a blog post appearance HERE, you can tell it's a bit used up. Ain't it? I know I'm such a late bloomer (as always) in realising the power of concealers and its brightening property - but ever since I discovered them, I got hooked up! I let my foundation settle for a minute then I'll make an inverted triangle on the bottom of each eye.

Tip: To prevent the product from settling on the fine lines, set it with a clear mattifying powder. I use Rimmel London Setting Powder in Translucent. 

That's it for my foundation routine as of late. See you on my next post! -CMK 

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