Wednesday 25 September 2013


I'll be the first to admit that I'm quite prudent on beauty products. I developed a habit of having a cap (maximum amount) for each product and I won't dare to go beyond that otherwise, it becomes a luxury. Following that line of thought, my friends (Hi Zen!) shared some good results about our gem for the day. She mentioned that her skin got fairer and supple after months of usage. Thinking about it, I still managed to pass since my current moisturizer costs Php 375 for 50 mg. Half the price of the most celebrated beauty product on our Skype discussions.

Then one day, I came pass the Olay botique and asked for my usual moisturizer (click HERE). I should say that the regal black and gold packaging serves it marketing duty real right. I asked Ms. Olay what made it different from other products and she showcased the 7 in one benefit. In the midst of her talk, I noticed one thing. It has a "mini" version! And it costs Php 375. This is a done deal!

☺The Majestic Pump. I had my old moisturizer in a pot. 
Allowing me to swoop big sizes instead of the 
suggested pea size each usage. This is a genius workaround. 
I hope all facial moisturizers have that feature.
☺7-in-1 and then one. It tackles fine lines and wrinkles | 
uneven tone | age spots | uneven texture | dryness | 
dullness | pores. That makes it 7. Another bonus is it
 also serves as a fairness cream. Very nice.
☺Texture. Some moisturizers are "hot" on the surface. 
Not with this one. Substance strategically glides and 
gets absorbed by your skin in no time. What's NOT to love? 

Here's my Before and After picture. 
Notice the fine lines specially below the eye.
PS: In case you find it weird, let me explain the 
violet liner on September 2013 pic,
I've used this picture as a swatch on my 
MEMEME's Eyeliner review HERE.
☻Can we go cap-less? Here's the thing, imagine the bottle is 
about to hit pan and you want to swoop the substance down to
 its last drop (I can be stingy at times). Currently, it's not possible 
to make simot unless you'll wreck the whole thing.
 It's not a big deal, but removable inner cap is nice to have.

I now found a new love. My friends are right. This is a good product. 
You can take a picture of your before skin, try the 20 ml one 
and see your after picture. I bet you'll be glad too with the results. -CMK



  1. Weee I love Olay. every single product of it! I also have sachet versions of my full sized products because I ant o carry it even when I'm at school;. It does wonders. =) it will assure you and woth the money! :D

    1. Hi Fati! Agree! I love this product to bits! ♥

  2. I use Olay too and I am satisfied with the results. I am lazy kasi and I don't have that "girl's seremonyas". haha. Olay Age defying soap and Olay total effects...and I'm ready to sleep. :)
    nice blog. :)

  3. Regarding your wishful thought, my sister and I actually tried to open an olay bottle one time (can't remember how we did it but I'm pretty sure we ended up destroying the bottle) since we wanted to make simot, too. However, our efforts were for naught since there really wasn't anything left to make simot. So this Olay bottle dispenser is actually fine as it is. :)

    1. Hi She - really?! That's good news! Thanks for sharing. That's a happy thought pala :D

  4. Wow! You had softer skin after 8 months of using Olay. This product really has promising results.

  5. was that your hand?

  6. I love your blog! And I agree with using Olay. :)


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