Sunday 26 April 2015


How to maintain a healthy, supple skin? We will always go back to good ole way of a) good sleep, b) vitamins and minerals infused diet and c) proper skin care. Speaking of skin cleansing, I'm excited to publish a review of my latest favourite gadget. I'm aware it's a bit too late since this craze has captured the PH shore some few years back but you know me, I purchase about 90% of the products I'm reviewing {on this blog} and as such, I only buy stuff that I think is worthy of my buck.


Simplest way I can paint this in words is that it's like an electronic toothbrush, only it's for the face. OLAY REGENERIST promises the following: It deeply cleanses, gently exfoliates., and it primes skin for anti-ageing regimen. It contains: facial cleansing device, brush head, skin renewal cleanser (20 ml) and battery.  The whole she-bang costs Php 1,599 but I got it at 10% off at SM Department Store.

The moment the rolling facial brush hits your damp skin, you can tell that it's making a difference. I've been using this for about a month now {as of press date} and what I like the most is its exfoliating factor. I feel that my clogged pores are loosening up bit by bit allowing my skin to breath and glow. Device is easy to operate, nothing complex really. With its fast rolling and turning, you can tell that the facial wash is gently absorbed by your skin. Far more better than doing the scrub-a-dub ritual by hands!

The wishful thoughts I have is reserved not for the product itself but for the Olay counter at SM Department store. What happened was the battery included in my package was dilapidated {and worse, wet which is btw dangerous!}. Long story short they didn't replace it but again, I don't want stresses - so I ended up buying AA battery anyways. Lesson learned: Always check every single thing before heading to the counter. Don't rely on their sample product alone.

Flash back one month ago, I was on the plane from Heathrow London to Manila, when I saw the same product but by a different brand {Clinique}. I was salivating and getting ready to swipe my credit card - however, it's a freaking Php 5,000! I don't know about you but I'm not ready to shell out THAT amount even for a product I loathe for. So I held my horses and I'm glad I did.

TIP: This works best with Ponds Facial Wash Anti-Bacterial Facial Scrub and Olay Total Effects {Review HERE}.

Oh how I miss blogging. I'm happy to be back to the makeup {and skin care} world! -CMK


  1. oh.. hope to find one at SM and if it's available…thanks for sharing

    1. No worries, last time I checked - they still sell this set ;) Enjoy!


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