Tuesday 17 February 2015


Due to my crazy, busy schedule these days, I seldom put on makeup. And I kinda miss it. So right after my Pilates session one Saturday, I gave in and bought something I was lusting for months to end! Here's Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner. 

I don't claim to be a professional makeup artist, let alone being an expert in eyeliner application. Oh boy! That's way too hard and it indeed needs a lot of practice! That's exactly what I did when I got in my flat.

It's wallet-friendly. Boots (a beauty store in London) retails it for £7.99 but gives a £2.00 discount making it roughly £6.00. Not too bad, isn't it? It also has a creamy application. I've heard it said that applying gel eyeliners can be tricky but you know what? After trying all the types {pencil, liquid and gel liners} - I find this the easiest among them! Added bonus is a 2-way brush. One end is flat for application, another is rounded for smudging. It's definitely a steal!

PS: Apologies for all the reddish thingies on my face. I just had a brow wax literally hours before I took this pic. ;)

Unfortunately, it smudges. After 3 hours, it starts to flake and smudge on my lids. Maybe because I do have oily lids but even applying a primer (I used THIS) it slows down the wearing off but it still does. However, can I just say that it's not as bad as my experience on K-Pallete? I know that there's a massive cult following this brand but for some odd reasons, it gives me PANDA eyes 100% of the time! O.O Not happy about that :(

As much as I'm happy about the price and all, I cannot repurchase because it doesn't do its job {at least on my lids}. Such a shame because if not for that, the product would have been perfect. As for gel eyeliners, I think this one holds true for me:  
Superb quality comes with a price. And now I'm thinking of trying MAC Fluid Line to road test. On the flip side, I'll look at this purchase as a tag price for the brush. :D MAC sells their brushes separately, and I don't want to spend to much for an applicator. Oh well, that's it for now. Tata! -CMK


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  1. I get very picky when it comes to gel eyeliners as I'm so afraid of panda eyes. It's too bad that the formula didn't work out. Maybelline mascara is amazing, so I hope they get the quality of eyeliners to that level.


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