Monday 27 July 2015


For almost two years, I've been faithful with my MAC STUDIO FIX (NC35) FOUNDATION. I love it then, I love it now. However, I'd like to shake things up a bit and I feel it's a high time for me to explore other 'lighter' options. MAC provides medium to heavy coverage and at times, I find it unnecessary to look 'that' made up, if you know what I mean. Then, I saw this product that both bloggers and youtubers are raving about!

Since most of my HG products are MAC, I know my colour based on their system. When you ask me what's my foundation colour, I'll say NC35 in a heartbeat! I read reviews that it's quite a challenge to find your skin match on other brands so I used this website and I find it really helpful! 

Tip: Just type, input your current product + colour + new product. Voila! Problem solved! True enough, I approached the saleslady and she's insistent that my shade is something else. I told her to put that shade on my left cheek and put W4.5 to my right. Turned out W4.5 is my closest shade!

Price. I bought mine from SM MOA for Php 600. The original retail price is Php 899 (for 30 ml). However, they are holding some sale so that's awesome! To add, I found out I have enough reward points to cover the purchase (ergo, it's free) so I'm such a happy bunny!

Price point aside, I am delighted to report that it's lightweight! Exactly what I'm looking for. SPF 17 is a good addition as well. It's blendable and long-wearing too. Note though that I'm setting mine with Rimmel Stay Matte foundation. It doesn't irritate my skin in any way plus I can't get over the fact that my skin can breathe with a good coverage!

** Picture on your left is yours truly with Maybelline Baby Skin Primer and this foundation. On your right is my FOTD. Notice that the product exudes a MSBB (my skin but better) vibe.

It has NO pump! It's an issue because a) it's messy and b) I can't control how much product each 'pour' disposes. Another is, the product is runny compared to MAC, however it's fair enough given its lightweight tradeoff. Lastly, if over applied, my face turned into a freaking-yellow colour. I was like, whoah! This is too warm {shade} for me! However, after settling, I realised it's not OA yellow after all.

** Just above the thick swatch is a faded, blended W4.5 in action.

Is it worth the hype?

Let's face it. Foundation is the only product that covers most {if not all} of our faces. That said, if we'll be picky on one product, this should be it. The fact that it provides a good coverage with all that added bonus makes it worthy of all these hypes. If not for the pump situation, this would have been perfect. I think I'll repurchase this one but I'll make sure I'll buy the other line {the one that comes with a pump}.

As of late, I'm using it every day and I'm very pleased with the results. -CMK


  1. I am matched the same shade but it makes me too yellow. Probably because foundations tend to oxidize on me. I am planning to just sell mine and might get a lighter shade. :)

    1. Hi Juvy! I can definitely relate! Though after a minute or two, it turns out to be normal and skin-like. I usually set mine with Rimmel setting powder :)


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