Tuesday 25 August 2015


It gives me such a throwback #feels knowing that I've blogged about the same product way back 2012 (click HERE). I got it when me and my friends went to Seoul Korea around February 2012. It's funny that my layout, pictures and even narratives are... let's admit it... novice. Having a blog really keeps your feet grounded. That's because you know that come 3 years from now, your post doesn't look as cool as you thought it was :D

In another news, this picture is a raw JPEG file from my new baby, Canon G7X (HERE's the unboxing!). What do you think, guys? I've been particularly impressed on how 'crisp' the raw images are. My favourite part? There's a built in WIFI. So you can sync your gadgets without all the USB thingies!

Going back. Here's the big reveal. I got all those goodies for Php 188.00 (around £2.00) from Daiso Makati. Make no mistake as I've researched some posts on how to spot fake Nature Republic's Aloe Vera gel and I'm happy to report (after looking on the spot check list) - that this one's real.

When do I use this? Let us count the ways:

  • When I'm feeling tired and I want to have a cool mask, I'll slather a generous amount (straight from the fridge) and rinse it after with my Olay Regenerist Face Brush
  • When my legs have been waxed or threaded, I'll put it on after 4 hours (of treatment)
  • When my undereye area is a bit more puffy, I'll apply it in thick layer and bliss!

For other mini tubes, I use them when I feel I need some more TLC. These minions are very handy specially when you're traveling. -CMK


  1. can you share how to spot the fake aloe vera gel? I'm using the same aloe vera gel you posted from nature's republic..

    1. Hello Cheekeegirl - here it is: https://skinfrosting.wordpress.com/2014/08/26/nature-republic-aloe-vera-92-soothing-gel-review-and-how-to-differentiate-between-the-real-and-fake-one/ :)


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