Wednesday 26 August 2015


I am not sure if it's a change in temperature or what but I noticed a sudden oiliness on my T-zone area lately. With my current foundation favourites, I dab in a translucent powder from Rimmel with my Elf Complexion brush. However, count 3 hours after application, you can see some shine peeping through!

I was actually in two minds whether to buy a drug store brand or MAC for this little challenge. After all, you can't see the powder when applied so it should all be the same. However, I noticed this trend. I buy a drug store (DS) product for my skin-related (i.e. foundation, highlighters, powders) needs then I concluded that I've been shortchanged and buy another then another. Add these costs and it's costlier compared to HG brands like MAC. PS: That's just me.

This is not to say all DS brands are rubbish. Not at all! But then again, for products that cover majority (or your entire) of your face, it's best to invest in products you can use for the next 12 months. I bought Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation for Php 1,900 (£27) from SM Makati.

Ahh, where shall I begin? I've been happy with their Studio Fix Liquid Foundation since 2013 (review HERE). It's just about right that I'm loving their powder coverage likewise. The coverage is not cakey at all. I use this as my setting powder for my under eye concealer as well as on my entire face. MAC's formula is hands down amazing, I don't know what magic they put in each product but when I have it on my face, I feel like a million bucks!

Two things: a) I don't find their sponge helpful and hygienic and b) the packaging. Regulars can definitely relate to this. You know those silver letters on the lid? They disappear after months of use. As a workaround, I bought a pen brush (one that has a lid so you can carry it on your bag).

Final words.

I am yet to see a formula as good as MAC. I've heard Shu Uemura offers the same but the price points are way higher! I know that it will be some few good months before I hit pan on this but until then, I'm a happy MAC powder fan! -CMK


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