Tuesday 25 June 2013


I've repeatedly jot down a ground coffee roast in my to-buy list but I constantly forget to get one as soon as I stepped at Greenbelt or BGC. Then, I recalled there's one in SM Mall of Asia! Few minutes away from the church, I blissfully headed to their CBTL branch one Sunday afternoon.

Place was packed, as always. Good thing there were 2 available seats just in time. I was in two minds whether to buy their Kenya variety or Mocha Java Blend, but the latter won. Thanks to the friendly barista's explanation. Kenya is more of acidic while Mocha Java has a more chocolatey twist albeit of it being included on their medium roast line.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Mocha Java Blend
Available at CBTL's branches nationwide
Price: Php 499 for 226 grams / Variety: Medium Roast 

♣ Tip #1: Since you'll be buying a pack full of whole coffee beans, you can ask your barista to grind it for free. Make sure to let him know the shape of your coffee maker (i.e. cone shaped). I understand they need this info to determine how fine the grind level is.


☺I've always been vocal about this. IMHO, Coffee Bean brews the best coffee in town. It has that right kick and flavor that's so hard to describe. I love their hot and cold concoctions, I now know that they're consistent even on their ground coffee selection.

Quality Flavor. This has a bitter then salty then mocha-esque blend. There! I wish I put some justice on the description part, but this is one of the best flavor I've ever tasted. ♣ Tip #2: You know the latest coffee mate with Caramel flavor? That's my creamer and no need to add sugar. Result: Good Morning World!!

They give a FREE CUP of brewed coffee on every purchase! Woot woot! Haven't you heard? The best things in life are f-r-e-e? :) Kidding aside, I was delighted to avail this freebie. A hot cup of joe at CBTL can always be a good thing.

♣ Tip: If you have your CBTL reward card with you, present it. Reward points are counted on each purchase. I think it should be, given the tag is close to Php 500 :)


Price. Admittedly, price is a bit hefty for someone who's not head over heels with coffee. Add the fact that you have to get your own coffee maker too. But you know what? This is more sulit if you'll compare this on buying a cup (each and) everyday. Hesitant? Do the math. I bet coffee brewing at home is more price friendly, but more tedious too (the downside).

I've tried STARBUCKS DARK ESPRESSO ROAST before. It was good too but the flavor is too acidic for me. Maybe because this is one of their strong variants. Click HERE for the Starbucks Roast review.

I always get up earlier these days because of the thought I'll be sipping a special coffee, shortly. Some love teas, others canned drinks, me: coffee is always a happy thought for me. In fact, one of my earliest posts is about coffee. Way back in 2011, when my blog platform was still wordpress... I published: My Love Affair with Mr. Coffee (Literally!), read and see for yourself, HERE. Wow. Time flies so fast. And I'm eternally grateful that this blog is turning 2 years old in a few! Thank you Lord and thank you guys for your awesome company. -CMK


  1. I super love Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf!! :D

  2. Did u buy the coffee machine from them?

    1. Good question. Nope :) Ours are 3D coffee maker (a lot cheaper than CBTL's coffee machine).

  3. I want to try this! :D

  4. I'm not a coffee drinker, I belong to those tea/milk tea lover. Hindi po kasi ako makatulog kapag uminom ako ng kape eh. Kahit taga Batangas ako, di talaga ako mahilig sa kape. :P

    And when is your blog's anniversary? I'm happy you reached that far Miss K! <3 More blogging life for you and blessings too!

    That's why I can smell another giveaway here. :P *sniff sniff*

  5. Huhu my mornings will never be the same again. I hate that I'm not allowed to drink coffee.. even hot chocos, too. Milo my favorite </3 Everytime I try to, I always end up in hospitals. Hello abdominal pain, get lost :(

    But... there are times when I really can't handle temptations anymore. As you've said coffee and hot choco mornings results to a really Good Morning World! Hihi sorry. ☺☺☺

  6. Mocha Java Blend. sounds delicious! perfect for every coffee lover!


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