Wednesday 26 June 2013


Most girls played Barbie once upon their childhood lives. I'm one of those. I always recall how my eyes popped whenever I have new gowns for my barbies. My love for hot fuchsia pink (I guess) stemmed from those times. Little girls love barbies maybe because they can't play dress up that early. I saw one poster that said: Dress up starts at 5 till forever (or something to that effect). 

Feature for today is a hot pink item no less! It's a skater skirt! You know those skirts with electric pleats all over? Believe it or not, I bought it for less than Php 300! Let's tackle the details, shall we?

Floral Dress (worn as blouse) from The Landmark
Hot Pink Skater Skirt from The Landmark
Bag from Charles and Keith
Semi-gladiator sandals from Celine
Watch from Fossil

Here's our fashion pegs for today. All have one common item, a skater skirt (coral this time).

Obviously, I copied #1 on our plate; except that I opted to wear flats instead of platforms. I wore this number when I attended iCon 2013 - The No Nonsense Investment Conference at SMX Mall of Asia. I'll be posting my take-aways on the event as soon as time warrants.

I am raiding my closet shortly and check if I can come up with pegs #2 and #5! Among these 5, what's your favorite getup? Dressing up! It's fun, fun, fun! -CMK


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  2. If you don't play barbie at the age of 3 and up, you're definitely not a girl/girl at heart. Haha! Lahat ata ng Barbies ko Miss K tanggal yung ulo, kasi yun yung pinakasensitive sa body niya eh. :P Or I'm really careless XD

    I'm not a girly girl actually, cause pink didn't appeal to me that much. I prefer baby blue and lavander, red and black, and white and brown. :P

    And I'm not with short skirts :/ but when I saw the mint green skater skirt somewhere (still in WWW), I fell inlove! <3 I wanna have one too!

    Bet ko po yung choices mo Miss K! #1, 2 and 5, love ko long sleeves! <3

  3. Love the combination! Prints and plain! Hehe

  4. gersieplazaverin27 June 2013 at 02:43

    Skater skirts is a got to go dress up.. it suits wherever you're going. The top just makes the difference:)

  5. I'd love to try #5! Chic and classy! And yes, include the flower hair pin, too. Hihi ♥

  6. I love this kind of skirt. This comes from different range of patterns and colors and I just love it :)


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