Friday 21 June 2013


Unlike the kids on commercial breaks who love to eat their green, leafy vegetables - I am a total seemingly hopeless case in the "Eat Your Greens" department. There was a point that I was crying in front of my plate because I can't see sauce, beef and chicken in front. Instead I saw all these greens, orange and yellow living things staring at me.

"Eat your veggies, these are good for you." I heard mommy said. I can't see the good in them then, until (ahem) not so recently. I once wished that the nutrients found on veggies (specially ampalaya) will transfer to our chips and chocolates. How fun that will be?! That sweets will now be the new veggies! Oh meeeen!

Let's face it. The more colorful and natural your plates are, the more benefits you can get. Good skin, healthy immune system, name it! The catch, well, you have to EAT (not stare) your greens! The past weeks, buzz about JUJU Eats, maker of JUJU Cleanse, grasp social media's attention. Curiosity bug bit me so that same weekend, me and Maya went to eat a healthy lunch at none other than JUJU EATS!

The Details.
Location: G/F BCS Building, 2297 Chino Roces Avenue Extension, Makati City
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Budget: Php 300 (salad and coffee)

The Salad Bar.
I felt delighted when I saw the meat section, honestly. Sigh of relief, indeed! The bar was a healthy bar. Hehe. It has all sorts of greens but guess what? They look eat-able! Juju Eats also has different cheeses. I appreciate that they put FRESH on a whole new level. They have their own, templated salad servings yet you can always customize your own. I dare not customize my own in fear that I'll pick 3 cups of chicken here and 2 cups of beef there and oh, a wee bit cheese. It kinda defeats the purpose. I knoooow, right? :)

The Bonding.
Meet my super friend and travel buddy, Maya! We went there Saturday about 1 pm (they'll be closed at 3 pm during weekends) so we barely had 2 hours to munch and catch up. The place is a good hang out for you and your barkada. Not to mention food here is anything healthy! Skip the oil and junk for a change. Your body will thank you for that!

The Ambiance.
Minimalist yet laid back. Very conducive whether you're alone or with a group. Rays of sunshine can be seen. People watching is a welcome treat too. Glossy tables and plain chair gives me the "Today is not your typical workday" vibe.
The Green.
Oh, the star of the show. I copied Maya's order since by experience, she picks the better option, like 95% of the time. ☺ Meet my first green serving that I've finished in my entire life! Drum rolls please...... INASAL SALAD! There's lot of lettuce of course and strips of pork with inasal sauce. Feta cheese is palatable too. What I didn't like is the raw onions lurking around. I ended up taking them off my plate one by one. I can't believe it. I finished my bowl-ful of greens. MOM! Hear ye! :))

The Coffee.

Another favorite. I ordered their best seller. Juju Eats version of Cafe Mocha. I'm not sure if it's caffeinated but I love it! Good enough to be at par to CBTL and Starbucks. It lacks that certain caffeine kick, though. I'm interested to try their raw, ground coffee bean. Now, I'm torn between CBTL and Juju Eats coffee bean.

I enjoyed this one of a kind experience. Things that I'm uncomfortable with? The bowl that's made of tin (though there's probably a good reason for that) and the location (which is out of way if you're typically wandering within the Makati malls).

Given a chance will I eat another bowl of greens? 
Oh yes! Bring it  on! I'll try their Caesar Salad next time. Care to have a healthy meeting place? Ma-JUJUs-tuhan niyo rito! (You'll love it here!). Special thanks to Owi for the awesome tag line! -CMK.



  1. Huhu same here. The reason why I always get sick coz I don't eat veggies. Recently, my mom prepares 3 ashitaba leaves for me and my sisters to munch on before eating our meals. It is said to cure more than a hundred of diseases. I think you should try it too and make it a daily habit :)

    1. Hi Fatima! Oh that's interesting. I'm not too fond of veggies too. :P However, I'm making it a bi-weekly habit to eat Caesar Salad for lunch. >:)

    2. Never knew I'd be able to endure it's taste. Hehe. Well, Mom knows best! Goodluck to us and our veggie-eating habits! :p

  2. I love the maJUJUstuhan! Ahaha! I wanna try to eat there.

  3. We have an ashitaba plant here at home. And I love veggies hihihi

  4. There's a lot of picky eaters in the world which never realized how good veggies are! And true, esp bitter melon. O.O

    Since my tatay was so strict, when I was a kid, walang gulay na nakakaligtas every meal, lalagay niya talaga sa plato namin yung gulay at walang tatayo hanggat di nauubos. How was that? >:D

    And which onion Miss K, red or white? Cause red onions have a strong and sharp taste and odor. Never loved eating them raw too.

    1. Hi Myx - I think those were red onions. Haha. I find them too strong ever since ;)

    2. except minced siya and isasama sa soy sauce and vinegar as sawsawan ng fried fish po :D

  5. the place and food looks nice! I`ll drop by here when I have time :D thank you for this awesome blog :D


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