Friday 18 October 2019


I blinked and realised four months have passed since we got civilly married. 26th of June 2019, that sunny Wednesday will always have a soft spot in my heart. The thing nobody told you about getting married is that amidst all the preparations, you still have to manage your whole life on top of it all. Your career won't stop, your daily chores won't take a pause, you have to get all your ducks in a row. However, I would never have it any other way. I've chronicled some memorable details of our civil wedding HERE too, if you like to read on.

I got my civil wedding dresses from *drum rolls please* ASOS! I don't regret it one bit. Why? For starters, I will only wear it once (or twice but most definitely not every day). Two, I am extremely okay with purchasing my civil wedding dresses from a non-luxury brand. I don't feel the need to be donning an expensive dress purely because, that's not me. Sure I love good, quality brands but for practical use - not a one time occasion. Believe it or not - I enjoyed the whole experience!

For our civil wedding registry, I wore a lace halter neck maxi wedding dress. I needed to have it altered because the dress is too long but the overall fit is perfect. For alternation in London (if you're within the area) I highly recommend Easy Stitch. Diego and his team does the job like a pro. For our reception and the rest of picture taking, I wore a burgundy midi dress. That is actually a bridesmaid dress! I picked it because burgundy is one of our colour hues on our wedding ceremony next summer.

I got my hair accessory from Amazon, flower crown from Forever 21 (I have it years ago) and my strap sandals from New Look. The funny thing was, I didn't buy my shoes for the wedding itself but I realised... why not? It's comfortable (which is on top of my priority list) and it looks decent. That's very handy because we walked loads during our photoshoot! Massive thank you to Austen of Amoureux Weddings! She, along with her husband, will also cover our photo and video next year.

From the first day of our planning, we made it a point to view the whole thing as a celebration (instead of impressing other people) and you know what, it works! Having this mindset takes off the pressure of performing and it makes us ask the right question which leads us to sensible decisions. It's far from perfect but we are enjoying the process and to us, that is more than enough. -CMK 


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