Wednesday 5 June 2019


This flower picture is very close to my heart. This is my bouquet when one of my best friends (Hello, M!) got married April this year. I've known her since we were 17 and she basically knew me inside and out. It's mind blowing to know that we both have our respective special someone now. Looking back even a couple of years ago, it seems impossible but we're so happy that things panned out magically. I am slowly but surely going back to wedding planning these days. Some may think it's way too early to plan when my wedding ceremony will be summer of next year but it's better to be early than stressed! We just booked our wedding florist this week and after a couple of research and meet ups, we finally sealed the deal. Here's a list of things we thought about:

1. Average package rate. Most florists cannot give a specific amount because their pricing will depend on the details and flowers' seasonality. However, you can ask for an average range. This will give you an idea if it's approximately within your budget. I'd say do this first because it won't make sense to be invested in their designs and then know you can't afford them in the end. 

2. Venue. The location we picked is well decorated for the event and requires very little flower setup. That said, I'm very intentional to request for a minimal flower decoration. We would like the place to look like a wedding venue but nothing too grandiose.

3. Ideas. Have a general idea of the style and colours that you want but don't overdo it. I've learned early on that Pinterest can be a curse and a blessing. Also, you are hiring a florist for a reason so trust that they will give you their best advice.

4. Commitment. One of the things I asked to my potential florists is if it's okay for us to have a meeting. It can be via FaceTime, Skype or personal. It's always a good sign when they say yes because a) it means they are not commercial enough not to put a personal touch on your event and b) commitment on meetings is important especially closer to the day.

5. Gut feel. When I met Tracy for the first time, we just glued together. I was with Gab that time and she seems genuine and natural. I feel that I can entrust my special day with her in terms of flower department. We both agreed that she's perfect for the task and we're happy on her previous work and pricing.

6. Set proper expectations. This goes across all supplier negotiations. When you finally picked one supplier, please be considerate enough to inform all shortlisted others that you've already chosen one and thank them for your time. That's basic human ethics and it costs us no time to do that. One of them told me they can lower their pricing to suit our needs but I declined the offer politely. It's heartwarming that people can bend rules to accommodate you if you are nice to them.

Overall, it's still early days but I am hopeful that it will turn out well on our big day. I always remind myself that our wedding does not need to be perfect, it's a celebration of love with our nearest and dearest. Anything else is just icing on the cake. -CMK


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