Tuesday 4 June 2019


Brighton is an epiphany to me. I never realised how close this haven is to where I live and that is such a pleasant surprise. After our two-week holiday in the Philippines, I am craving for the sight and smell of the sea. Brighton clearly delivers. Approximately an hour away from London Bridge, you'll arrive at the station which is 20 minutes away from literally everywhere you want to go. You can ride a bus if you wish and I'm guessing they work with contactless cards. We never used any form of transportation that weekend but riding public transportation is definitely an option.

1. Lounge around the sea shore but make sure you have a factor (SPF) 50 on. 
2. Ride i360. 
3. Eat at their local ice cream parlor.
4. Stroll around the pier (try their roller coaster if you're feeling brave).
5. Book a local airbnb instead of hotel.
6. Visit Royal Pavilion palace.
7. Get a coffee from The Flour Pot shop.
8. Window shop (or shop, your call) on Brighton markets

Brighton is one of the places I can see myself going back over and over especially during summer. It is amazing how the sound of waves splashing can calm one's soul. -CMK


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