Sunday 9 June 2019


Having a blog that covers personal finance sometimes put writers in a stereotype that all they want to do is amass money and live as frugal as possible. I was having a coffee with friends and we talked about an oxymoron that perhaps most of us know already. How crazy that people spend their health for more money and then when they have more money, they will realise that their health is gone (to augment, they need to spend their money in exchange)? Such a grim, vicious cycle of what lies ahead. This should not be the case, being financially savvy means balancing living and enjoying the now while not forgetting there'll be tomorrow. I personally think that there are things that worth the 'reasonable' splurge.

Specifically in London, your own living space is unbelievably expensive. I feel nostalgic because today is the exact day that I moved in my flat a year ago. This is the first flat that I feel that I'm-going-to-stay-here-for-long feeling. And that's comforting. I love that it is minimalist, easy to clean and have everything I need (esp. dishwasher and bath tub). Having said that, it's not cheap. There are cheaper alternatives in central London, however, it's important that I love my space because after all, I spend my downtime here and that's not something to skimp about.

I don't have any expensive habits. I am not into new buying things every week. Yet, anything that has to do with homemade food, I'm very particular. I like quality meats (because I eat them only very rarely), good ingredients and convenience. Twice a month, I get my groceries delivered to my flat from Ocado (an English online supermarket). Delivery is free but you have to purchase a specific amount. I'd like to qualify that quality does not mean expensive. Sometimes, it's inevitable that quality comes with a price but that's where you need to be creative (I recently got fresh potted herbs in my kitchen - basil, mint and coriander). 

If you're a regular on my blog, you probably heard me say this: peace of mind is expensive. One perfect context of this is I got an insurance when I bought my MacBook Pro. I got burned once, I spilled water on my MacBook and I was so stressed because, let's face it: Apple products are damn expensive! When I bought another one last year, I paid an additional fee for insurance. It paid off. This reminds me of a clip from CHERNOBYL (my most favourite HBO series, you should watch it!) when someone said: Why worry for something that will never happen? Well, it is because sometimes things does happen - including a nuclear failure on a safety test!

You can be the richest person in the world but if you don't have good health, what is the point? Health should cover our physical and mental state. I tried so many things in the name of health and I don't regret it because it is a journey. I had gym memberships before but when I discovered the life changing magic of intermittent fasting, I use the treadmill on our gym flat instead. I also invest huge chunk of my down time watching health-related videos and recipes. I genuinely like that and I think it's a gift.

Rest comes in many forms. Whether it's spending money on a holiday or prioritising your sanity by not getting too caught up in a proverbial rat race, rest is expensive. Rest may mean inviting your family over so you can have a once in a lifetime bonding in this side of the world. All these things are not free but if you ask me, if I'll be lucky enough to live until a ripe old age, I am sure I will look back in hindsight and say: I'm glad I did these, it's all worth the money. -CMK

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