Tuesday 14 May 2019


There's a huge sigh of relief in the air as at last, we've already finalised our wedding venue. Now that our two-week holiday in the tropics is over (see Camp Netanya and Pico de Loro Cove posts, if you like), we are back to our lovely Trello wedding board! It took us two and a half months to look for a venue and I'd dare say it's not like the horror stories I've read in the internet. It's actually fun and something new, in our experience. We decided to hold the wedding in London because I don't have the luxury of going to and fro another country, let alone doing all things overseas. That's just too much, we agreed.  Having said that, here are some tips when booking your wedding (or any other celebratory venue):

Our wedding will be Summer 2020 and yet, I started looking around January of this year. Too early? Maybe. However, I'd rather err on the side of being early than late. Pretty much my stance on all things like being extra early in the airport. It has so many perks, firstly, you are not rushed, obviously. Next, the calendar dates are likely to be available. Lastly, if you start your viewing before the wedding season (January to March), chances are you'll have the venue coordinators' undivided attention.

This largely depends on where your guests are coming from. Ours will come from different parts of the globe so we made sure the venue is accessible to mostly everyone. We thought about a venue in Richmond park or even outside London but in the end, we realised somewhere near central London is the best. This would mean family and friends will have easy access to underground tubes or even buses. No unnecessary trains to catch which would translate stress-free, happy guests!

Venue will take up a huge chunk of a couple's wedding budget and if one's not careful, it's easy to get excited and commit without too much thought. We thought of the Gherkin but the costs and logistics don't add up.We made several trips to the same wedding venue (the one we chose in the end) and when we felt that we are 90% sure, we started to negotiate. It's such a blessing that both coordinators are such angels, we all agreed to a good compromise.

I'd like to think I am not and will not be a bridezilla. "At least not for now..." that's what Gab and the wedding coordinator jokingly said. Seriously though, I am pretty much flexible on most things - including my wedding dress. The only exception is the food. I told the wedding coordinator that this is very important for us. That our guests are full and satisfied. I believe we owe it to them since they will go out of their way to celebrate with us on our big day!

After a couple of visits to the venue, we just know that this is the place. With that, there's no point in procrastinating so we finally signed the contract and sealed the deal. Wedding venue is one of the most important things to finalise in a wedding. After that's done and dusted, we can finally get the ball rolling on other items like photo, video and flowers because we thankfully have a final date. -CMK

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