Sunday 17 March 2019


We are six weeks deep into wedding planning and I'm a bit conflicted whether to say I'm enjoying or abhorring the process. There are days that I see it as a big, exciting project which it is but sometimes, I have mini-anxiety bursts that I need to tell myself: calm down, there's still time! I've talked about on my previous POST on how thankful I am for the WWW. And this is one of my greatest discovery I would say. 

I've come across this majestic app last 2014 but we are using it for a client project. If you're reading, thanks L for showing me this. So, what is TRELLO? Trello is a task management app that gives you a visual overview of what is being worked on and who is working on it. It used the Kanban system, which was developed in Toyota as a system to keep production levels high and maintain flexibility. It is best represented as a whiteboard filled with post-it notes. Each post-it represents different tasks involved in the project (SOURCE).

Fast forward five years later, I stumbled upon a YouTube that uses the app for wedding planning. Fantastic! The board above is a template - I wish I was that experienced to come up with all these details but no, someone is kind enough to share her board. I copied this and tweaked this to our specifics. It has a mobile app too, so Gab and myself can put additional notes on each progress.

It's also serves as a brain dump for all things wedding. Table names, guest list, you name it. This definitely is a game changer and I'm not as freaked out as before. If I'm realising that I don't have any florist yet, well, that's on the 10-12 months mark so put a reminder on the calendar and deal it when the right time comes; which leads me to my next point...

Basic but very important. Things like going to council and sending a notice of marriage and prepering the complete documents beforehand, you seriously need a reminder for that. It's nothing fancy but this tool plays a big role on our whole planning, that's for sure. -CMK


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