Monday 6 May 2019


Camp Netanya is a hidden gem tucked within Mabini, Batangas Philippines. Depending on the traffic - and you know how it is on this side of the world - travel time can range between two to four hours if you're coming from Cavite. Tip: Drive by Tagaytay and have a food trip there so you're hitting two birds in one stone. I've been planning our two-week holiday in the Philippines (where I'm from) for the last few months and I am very pleased that things turned out well (barring the fact that I got sick but that's another story). One of the most heart warming compliments I got came from my mum who said, "You're really good in organising trips, Kristine." Trust that I had my share of boo-boos before but I guess this comes from years of travelling and practice. We stayed here for three days and two nights. It's right after holy week so the crowd is just right.

The place boasts of a greek reminiscent facade. It has a beach area and pool area. Picture below was myself doing some floating strokes by the sunset. Pool's deepest is 12 feet so make sure you won't go beyond that if you're not comfortable to swim. My favourite area is the beach side. Beach is not sandy but pebbly. We did snorkel and there were fishes! We felt like children once more! I spent both of my mornings by the beach. It's a tranquil, serene place to start your day. After all, it's not every day that I get to see the sunrise, hear the soft waves,  feel the pebbles on my feet coupled with the gusty winds and constant sun beams stroking my cheeks.

Camp Netanya hosts movie nights usually by the pool area each nights and I find it very cool. Some downsides (because nobody's perfect) are a) the lift stopped working which means my mum and dad needed to go five flights each time and they found it very tiring and b) food prices are rip off (think Php 500 for a breakfast per head). Good points are too many to mention: the place, how lovely and accommodating their staff were, no boisterous crowds because the resort is by booking only and so much more!

Overall, this place is a paradise and a luxurious respite from a sometimes-tiring city life. -CMK


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