Tuesday 5 February 2019


I totally get it. It's very easy to order a take-away, flick through Netflix and literally watch the day go by on any given weekend. I've fallen prey to the idea so many times. Last weekend was different. I decided that since the days are slowly getting lighter, it's a good excuse to spend the weekend outdoors. I encourage you to get creative and explore your local area like never before. With the abundance of apps and sites at your disposal, you might be in for a surprise.

* Visit a gallery. I visited TATE MODERN (related post: HERE) and I switched off big time.
* Watch a recital. We watched a Vivaldi Four Seasons by Candlelight. In the spirit of trying out something new, we gave this a go. I used an app called Fever (not sponsored) and booked. It's not as pricey as you think, ticket price for Vivaldi starts at £9.00. Chances are, you are familiar with Vivaldi spring - you're just not aware of the name. I enjoyed it.
* Book a proper 3-course meal. Since the Vivaldi concert (Trafalgar Square) is just a few walks away from the restaurant, I decided to book a pre-theatre meal at Thai Square. The meal was alright, not great, but just okay. It's not everyday that we do it but since we're going to watch a recital, why not go all out right? PS: It's less than £50 for the both of us so it's not super fancy, just saying. Haha!
* Try out a Japanese restaurant you've never been before. Or any international cuisine that you like. An honest back story: we were a bit cranky because the once-cosy-and-quiet coffee place that we love (The Gentleman's Barista at Borough) has turned out so rowdy and uhm, commercialised. In the end, we're happy with how things turned out because we discovered this place called Tonkotsu. Their take on chicken karaage is on a whole new level!
* Visit a bookstore. There's a Waterstones near the Thai Square restaurant so we lulled around for a couple of minutes. I can spend hours and hours in a bookstore and likewise, it is the best in between place when you're waiting for something or someone. -CMK 


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