Friday 11 January 2019


After I bought my Michael Kors Sutton Bag last 2015, I decided to go on a designer bag shopping hiatus. I like my MK bag but after a couple of months, I realised it's not that practical for everyday use. I occasionally use it but not as much as I'd like to. As a consultant, I frequently travel and sometimes spend overnights in a hotel (which means rucksack is the way to go). That said, my KNOMO BEAUTCHAMP fits the bill perfectly. Weekends are different though. On a typical weekend, you'll see me either walking in a park, eating at a local food market or simply strolling in London with a sling bag (okay, sometimes with a rucksack still). That said, my Fiorelli tan sling bag is due for an upgrade. It dawned on me that I never bought a bag this 2018, until I purchase this one.

I've done something really funny. Last Boxing day, I gifted this bag to myself, with box, card and all. What can I say? It's empowering! I bought it as part of their winter sale. We women are conditioned to receive gifts from another person but why can't we give one to ourselves? Opening a box from Coach is an experience by itself. So there I was, on the first of January 2019 opening this adorable box with a huge smile on my face. One of the most common misconceptions of being a minimalist is that they never shop anymore. Wrong, just plain wrong. I've covered more of that on my post HERE. Owning fewer but quality items works so, so well for me. I picked a neutral-ish colour so it will match my capsule wardrobe items. There's been a couple of changes on that since it's winter but the colour scheme is pretty much the same.

I saw a meme once that says: BE THE CEO YOUR MOTHER WANTS YOU TO MARRY. If that doesn't scream female power, I don't know what will. -CMK


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