Monday 1 May 2017


There are four bags that I currently use these days. I use them interchangeably and I've never felt so satisfied! Earlier, especially during my teenage years, I have tons of bags. All shapes and sizes. But if you ask me how many times have I used each of them, you'd be lucky if you hear 3 times. The past years, I've realised: Why do I need to 'keep up to date' with all the stuff the magazines and/or instagram feed is showing me? Why do I need to blend in the culture of mindlessly shopping when I can have bags that are functional and stylish at the same time.

It's a Black Leather Saffiano Medium Bag. It's actually my first designer bag and I've spent so much time thinking whether I should get it or not. I'm glad I did. It's not cheap but if you amortise the cost per use, it's worth it in my opinion. I bought this last December 2015 and it's still with me now. This is my most favourite bag because it's such a statement piece. You can use it in the office or on a casual date. I normally use on my plane trips because there are so many compartment so you can chuck all your essentials in and arrange them on the plane later (organising your bag is great time killer too whilst up on air). Overall, if you can afford, I recommend that you get one designer bag. Let me emphasise, only if you're finances can accommodate it. If not, that's okay. There are other bags that are just as good, which leads me to my next bag of choice...

I got it last year when we went to the Hillsong Christmas Carol at Wembley. We visited an outlet store and I spotted this bright red tote bag with some tiny gold details on it. My Macbook Pro 2016 laptop fits perfect well on it plus other gym essentials. It is surprisingly sturdy and the form is still intact. This is a perfect bag if you're doing some serious shopping or you want plenty and I mean plenty of space for your stuff.

I got it from Chesire Oaks last year. It's in Chester, North England. It's one of the many things I bought when Gab and I went there last year. Ohh, and we discovered a tapas place: Las Iguanas. Ha! Their food is bursting with flavours. Thankfully, there's one at Waterloo. Okay, going back to the bag, I use them on summer holidays or during weekends. Fiorelli is slowly becoming my favourite brand because they are classic, functional and affordable.

Newest among the brood. Got it last Saturday from Zara (Bentalls Kingston). For the longest time, I avoided backpacks like this but there's this one time that I saw a girl on the train with Kmono backpack. I'm not ready to shell out a hundred quid for a backpack so I looked for an alternative. Luckily enough, Zara released their summer bag collection and tada! I'm satisfied with my purchase except for the fact that I can't fit in my 13" laptop on it. Aside from that, I'm a happy bunny!

Your turn... how many times you've used each of your bags? -CMK


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