Wednesday 2 January 2019


Imagine we are sitting in a coffee shop sipping our favourite hot drink and us discussing what 's our product recos are in this year. Here's a run down of all the tried and tested products I've used this 2018. Kindly note that this is a random list, for make up holy grails, you can check out my most recent WHAT'S IN MY MAKE UP BAG? post except that there's an update on my concealer as of this writing. Check out tiny details on some of them:

*Dry brush. I thought dry brushing is a fad and quack before. Not to say it's 100% effective but after watching a documentary about it being the most effective tool to minimise cellulites, I thought, what is there to lose? I Youtubed and found out that it triggers lymphatic cleansing so off I went to Boots to get mine. Whenever I have a spare minute each morning, I do some before shower and if only for the massage effect, I'd say it's worth it. *Pureology conditioner. I actually got the shampoo too. My hair is oozing with volume and can be unruly at times. I do not treat it with anything other than twice or thrice (max) a year hair colour. I've been using the same brand (but am trying different variations) for over two years now. I am thinking of changing brands due to environmental reasons so I hope they'll release some sort of refill program soon. *Foreo facial brush. I had a full on REVIEW of it last 2017 and happy to report I'm still using and loving it. *Mitchum unscented deodorant. I like unscented ones for deodorants. I tried salt of the earth brands before when it was hyped but it didn't work for me unfortunately. Good thing I just bought the travel size. *White flower ointment. Call me grandma all you want but if I'm having migraine attacks or even muscle aches, this is my go to. *Nivea toner and moisturiser. I also got a facial cleanser too. I like the brand because it just works period. No whistles and bells but it delivers. I noticed that my skin doesn't have a single breakout when I use Nivea products. Bonus that it's cheaper as well.

Hope your first day of work this 2019 went well. -CMK

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