Tuesday 1 January 2019


Venice, Italy. Autumn of 2018. That's where the picture above was taken. I can't believe one day I will write about travelling less in my life. Compared to my usual itineraries, 2018 was a packed one. On average, I travelled every month to a different country. I am so thankful for these opportunities knowing that a decade ago, I'd give anything to have this life. I am grateful and will not have it any other way. However, if I'm completely honest, I need a break from travelling. Let me tell you why:

Airports stress me out. The whole logistics of going to and fro the airport, queues, waiting time, unexpected delays and all that stuff - I am in dire need of hiatus from all these dramas. Now I understand why one of my friends prefer long holidays, because it compensates all the hassles brought about by travel. Speaking of hassles, I didn't know that Vienna airports allow customers to smoke inside, *get this* inside (!) restaurants. As a result, I suffered from two days of migraine because cigarette smokes is one of my triggers.

I want to explore more of United Kingdom this year. I have been amazed by seven European countries and one North African country last 2018 so this 2019, I'd like to explore neighbouring places that are equally beautiful. Scotland is such a breathtaking place and I always vowed to visit Edinburgh again given a chance. Wales is a haven too. Channel islands like Guernsey is a must see as well. I went there for business and explored the island by walking through its shores. Northern England is a lush countryside and look no further, London will always find ways to surprise you!

Travel plans. The only confirmed travel I have next year is summer in the Philippines. My family plans to visit me in London so though it's not a travel for me, I need to save up my holidays for them. Work will always be a chunk of my travel (my two trips in Paris last year was work related) and so I'm keeping my options open.

Upcoming wedding. I need to focus this year for the wedding and this slightly freaks me out but we do not have any plans yet as of this writing. Things will fall into place and I'd rather take it slowly but with good strategy.

Embracing the 'ordinary'. Why do we travel? Is it for the social media or we really want to travel? Is it a status symbol or a genuine celebration of our choices and mobility? I ask myself those questions and to tell you quite frankly there's a fine line between those questions. This year, I choose to revel in the beauty of my ordinary and punctuate it with intentional and worthwhile breaks called travel. -CMK

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