Monday 6 June 2016


22.4 million people. That's the number of tourist who went to see the City of Lights last 2014. Key figures are sourced from Paris Official website of the Convention and Visitors Bureau (SOURCE). Given a choice: where do you want to go? Most probably, Paris will be one of the answers!

Me? I was smitten by the Parisian lifestyle. I don't know... everything is so sophisticated, elegant. If you've been there once, you'll know what I mean. In an effort to make a journal out of my travels, I decided to create a series called TRAVEL SNIPPETS. I am not 100% on how committed will I be but let's see.

I just want to share some few tips and experiences here and there. Nothing too detailed (Google has enough of that). Think of it as if we're sipping our afternoon tea coffee, bantering about anything travel related.

Here's a special mention to Bonnie, Bryan, Len and Cristel! :)

✿ But first, the Eiffel Tower. We spent our Christmas 2015 in Paris and I was amazed on how huge the tower is. I thought it's fairly big but when I saw it up close, geez! I have no words. We didn't get the chance to go inside because the queue was crazy. You can go inside and I heard there's a restaurant on top of the tower. Fee ranges from £24 to £50 depending on the activities. (Update: On my second trip to Paris - I finally saw the tower from the inside).

PS: Can I just say, it took us about.... I think 20 tries to perfect the jump shot above! That was exhausting but it was worth it!

✿ Louver Museum. This is where Da Vinci code was filmed. The home of Mona Lisa and other notable pieces. And who can forget the Louver pyramid? The place was interesting. If art is your thing, I'd definitely recommend that you check this out. Otherwise, I suggest just go around outside. Personally, if I'm coming back to Paris (which I will be this June), I will not do the whole museum sight seeing thing again :)

✿ Try the Eurostar train (if you're coming from London). We got off at Gare Du Nord station. As always, taxis abound but you have an option to ride via Uber.

✿ Visit Arc de Triomphe. The structure is picturesque. You may have to brace yourself though as you need to be quick if you want your photo taken. Being one of the most famous tourist spots, there are so many people here. There are 2 metros near the place so getting around won't be a problem.

✿ Champs-Élysées. Walk straight ahead from Arc de Triomphe and you'll be greeted by shops and restaurants here. It is a home to luxury brands from cars to clothes to makeups. There are also high street names in each block. Inside tip: I highly recommend Bistro Romain! They serve good food and prices are reasonable. During my recent 4-day trip in Paris (yes, I went back just last week) we have eaten here twice!

✿ Try to live like a Parisian for a day (or two). It's so easy to get lost to the sea of selfies and social media traps but whenever you can, try to appreciate and look around. It's not everyday that you get to new places so after snapping a few pictures, set your phone to a DND (do not disturb) mode and carry on a conversation with your loved ones! -CMK

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