Wednesday 15 June 2016


For my birthday this year, we have decided to go to North Wales. Since it's March, you can still feel the cool breeze of winter but you know what... I realised that my body is more climatised to winter rather than summer. Case in point: I'm wiping my nose as I type on my keyboard now! :( I think it's about time for me to accept that I was made for cold places. Brr. Okay, maybe not too cold just okay cold, if there's such a thing.

From London, I took a train up north. Then we drove from Chester to North Wales. You may remember this POST from 2015 when I've been to South Wales (Cardiff). There's such a stark contrast between the two but both of them are equally lovely in their own right.

TIP: Whenever possible, it's best that you go by car because a) there's not much public transport going around the place, b) it gives you the flexibility to make your own itinerary without worrying about the bus times and c) if it gets too cold you can always go back to the car and turn on the heater. UK has so many cars-for-rent services and the cars are complete with GPS and the works. Obviously, you need someone who knows how to drive (UK cars have steering wheels on the right, btw).

We just headed for a day trip at North Wales since this is just about 2-3 hours (can't remember) away from North England where we were staying. Our itinerary was: Chester, Llandudno and Conwy at North Wales then back to North England.

Since North Wales is a quaint location, you will not see too much commercial establishments there. I appreciate the fact that you can experience nature at its finest in the place. Air is much fresher and there's lush green everywhere.

✿ Visit a local coffee shop. That's the first thing that we did! The prices are waaaay cheaper than London and it's home made. Note that 90% of the time, cash payments are required (not card payments). Try the Welsh take on Victorian sponge cake and coffees.

✿ Take a stroll along the sea shore. Coming from a place with 7,107 islands, I'm pretty much used to sea shores but when you're living abroad, you'll suddenly miss the waves and sands under your feet. The vibrant pebbles are a welcome bonus!


✿ Snap a shot (or two) on one of their lighthouses. We went here at about 4 pm-ish and most of the shops were closed. However, that didn't stop us from taking a walk along the pier and breathe in all the awesomeness the view can offer. We also went for a short trek on one of their highest peaks. From there, you can see Snowdonia (a really famous place at North Wales) and other neighbouring towns. If you want to go nature tripping, I highly recommend North Wales. It's so near yet so far from the city life we are so accustomed to.

This year's birthday celebration was memorable for so many reasons. I thank GOD for giving me the chance to go to places with the people I love. You know what they say? Home is not where, it is whom. -CMK


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