Wednesday 25 May 2016


I was thinking of a good introduction to redeem myself after nearly five months of hiatus! Guess what? I can't come up with any so let me just hug you all virtually and say Hi Guys! This is yours truly signing in! :)

I decided not to write because there's so many things going on in my life. I'd rather experience them wholly rather than worry about documenting things for my blog. I said to myself: Just write when you're ready. Your content would be much better when you write out of the heart.

And so, what better way to start a fresh new post than to write a THANK YOU list!

I can't believe it! God has been so good! Two years back, I thought I was living the best life can offer. Surprise, surprise! Life just gets better. Enter a caveat: Everything is not pink and rosy here but the thought that you are in God's hand and you are where he wants you to be... that mere fact gets me giddy! 

There's a lot to thank God for but what's latest is I moved in to a new flat, I visited loads of new places and I'm doing spinning classes two times a week. The last one is quite a feat, believe me!

I am laughing because this post is definitely a mish mash of things! Let's put it this way - when you're catching up with a friend your kwentos are not at all structured. Isn't it? I am so happy that the PSEI rallied after a long time. Some of my investments have gained 35% and if you're into the stock market for at least a year or two - you'll know that this movement is something to be thankful for!

As much as I'd like to be private, I believe some things are worth sharing. If there's one thing I am most thankful for: it's the relationships that I have. Family, business and personal ones. Without delving into so much details, GOD has been so good and He answers prayers. As with all things in life - nothing is absolutely sure. But when you have your centre and you know that GOD has your best interest at heart, you can go through life with such boldness and joy. I remember one of my journal entries way back 2011: Everything that happens to you should move you closer not farther from God. -CMK


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  1. Hello there! Welcome back.. I visit your blog because I miss London and reading your posts makes me relive the days almost two years ago. I love everything about London except when it gets very, very cold.. Any way po, I love to invest in stocks. May I know how to get started? thanks


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