Wednesday 12 August 2015


Hello guys! I've been loving some chill sounds lately. You know, music without lyrics. It's very helpful especially when you're writing or analysing stuff. I recently followed CMA on Spotify. Go check them out! :) Two weeks ago, I've had a bonding with Heather. She's one of my best-est friends! We've known each other since we were 15 and we're BFF ever since. It's a blessing to have someone to laugh with! We sometimes reminisce our prom gowns, teenage mishaps and me being crazy when I have an ultimate crush on someone (and I'm doing a facepalm right now!).

We were on a beauty counter and I had her buy a L'oreal True Match liquid foundation. She loved it! I'm starting to believe that this is one of the greatest liquid foundations ever! As I was scouring other brands, it dawned on me that I'm looking for an alternative to my NYX Baked Blush. Plus, I miss having a liquid blush. Good thing I spotted ELF HD Blush in Headliner (Php 350).

I almost forgot the feeling of having a long lasting flush on my cheeks! This product is heavily pigmented! It's def long lasting compared to powdered blushes. Also - the price point (which is common on ELF products). Another thing is, I can almost guarantee you that one bottle is enough to last you a lifetime!

Here's how it looks like on my face.

It is sort of wasteful. One tiny pump is more than enough so you'll more likely to 'throw' away some products (either that or you want to look like cabbage patch the doll *wink). Another is, the product is so difficult to blend. Tip: Pump a tiny dot at the back of your hand, apply some on one part of your cheeks then blend, blend, blend. It dries up quickly so it's not recommended to put 2 dots on your cheeks all at the same time.

I particularly enjoyed ELF HD Blush! One of the reasons I'm on a hoard mode for ELF and NYX products is that I'll be leaving for London soon. These products are not available in the UK aside from it being online. -CMK

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