Tuesday 2 December 2014


If you think this post is about some latest game sensation, scratch that. This is about a company that has its initial public offering on Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) just today. As in 2nd of December, 2014. 

Can I be honest? This is the first time I've heard of the company. I have to check the spelling twice because I'm not that sure. I've heard of the IPO from Rappler. Thanks to the power of social media that we can be in-the-know of good information such as these. Okay, when I visited their website, I saw this: "Xurpas is a technology company that creates digital products for the Mobile Consumer." Can I be brutally honest again, I don't understand a thing. >:)

I reckon watching this clip from their website will shed some light:

I've done a bit of research about the management and its market. After which, I decided to invest. BUT... don't take my word for it. I highly recommend that you do your own 'surf' and make an informed decision after. As for me, here are the reasons I invested:

1. Their products are sustainable. I've heard somebody joked about that WIFI should be included in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. And why not? If we pay close attention to what do  each morning, chances are it involves looking at your mobile phones for news, FB news feed, that is. Heheh. Seriously, the market for anything technology is promising. Worthwhile to know that Xurpas clients include the 3 leading mobile providers in the PH.

2. Share price is minimal. They've debuted at Php 3.97 per share and as of publish time, it's Php 5.95. Even so, you'll definitely agree that the price of a Starbucks / CBTL coffee worth so much more than that. Point is, you can afford to buy some shares.  

3. LIFE is all about taking risks. Calculated or not, pretty much everything involves an element of risk. Crossing the street {specially in EDSA}, taking an exam, applying for a visa - they all have a risk factor. Same goes for investing in new publicly listed companies. If you're not entirely sure, buying little shares won't hurt. After getting a feel on what the market looks like, slowly invest {or divest} based on your conviction.

You know what? Sometimes I think that our enemy is not lack of information. It's us thinking we have all the time in the world! This quote is a bit exagge, but I think we need this at some point:

Related reads from Rappler and Manila Standard. Happy Investing! -CMK

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  1. They seem like a nice company to invest in for me! Ipon muna ako ng pambili at kakatapos lang ng stock shopping ko. Hehe. :)


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