Thursday 11 December 2014


It dawned on me that this is only my second post for December. Ha! To be honest, the minute I got in my flat, I only want to do 2 things: a) eat and b) relax. I find blogging as a form of release however, my eyes get dry staring at my laptop for too long so, there. Anyways, so many things has happened. It's all good fun. I'd like to keep things light and list down a quick catch up:

New Stuff
I got a pink gloves and pink finger toy from Peru given by a friend (Thanks, S!). Gloves fit perfectly and what a joy to know I have pink shawl to match them. Woot! Remember my Winter Wish List (HERE)? I kind of granted my own wish by buying a pink biker jacket and gloves. Bought a couple of accessories to spruce up my outfit as well.

On Mindfulness
I'm trying my best not to go online the past days, we all need to embrace the here and the now. I keep telling that to myself but honestly, I always find myself falling in between cracks. I'm loving Ed Sheeran songs, at the mo. It's not 100% on repeat as most of them are dark but yeah, the beat is fresh to my ears. He's from England, by the way :)

I finally got the Zara (super massive) scarf. It's my first time to buy something from the brand. And I'm indifferent. I just find them too pricey but since I love the wool feel of it, I went on and bought it. My signature scent Clinique Happy Heart was running out so I purchased a refill. 50 ml for less than Php 3,000 is quite a good price.

I may (or may not) see a  musical about Romeo & Juliet, Christmas Party with my Hillsong Team Members (Woohoo), Company Christmas Lunch slash meeting and finally, Christmas in Glasgow Scotland. Another first! First time to travel on a Christmas Eve and spend Christmas in a foreign land. 2014 is, by far, the most interesting year for me. So many twists and turns, however, I call to my mind one of my favorite verses:

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. - Romans 8:28

How's your December, guys? -CMK

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