Friday, 18 October 2013


One of the best investments that you can have is your knowledge on how things work. People are usually afraid of the unknown. With this in mind, I have made it a point for 2013 to be a year of financial literacy.

I have read materials and blogs, engaged in one on one conversations, attended conferences and by far, the biggest leap I jumped into was to enroll myself at Registered Financial Planner Institute (which by the way has a few thousand worth of tuition fee).

As I continue to tick my keyboard now, I reckoned: Is it worth it? In all honestly, I can say it is. Instead of a measly 1% earning (from savings account), I now invested into mutual funds, UITF and stocks. And as much as I fear that I may be tagged as "weird", I'm loving the whole process. So much so that MONEY MATTERS series was born.
Image Credit: Brighter Life Philippines

It may interesting to know that BRIGHTER LIFE series is on going (more like weekly) and it is free. Each event highlights a specific topic. One that we've attended is Personal Finance for the Self-Employed. If you're still testing the waters, this is a good start for you.

Some few take-aways from my notes: 
♣ Good cash flow is important.
♣ If you do a really good job, profits will follow; but it's nicer to know your numbers.
♣ List all your money-in and money-out, check if the ins are more than the outs.
♣ Investing is behavioral.

There should be a mind-shift. 
Actual Mindset: Spending is sexy. Saving is baduy.
Should Be Mindset: {Over} Spending is baduy. Saving is sexy!

Why is it a good time to invest NOW?
♠ Inflation continues to be low (think: rates are favorable).
♠ There's a high confidence in Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).
♠ It's also a good time to be an entrepreneur and investor.

Before you invest...
1. improve your cash flow. |2. get out of debt.
3. save up for your emergency fund (3 months worth of your expenses).
4. get protected from life's risks. | 5. concentrate in investing for long term.


FINANCIAL PLANNING should NOT be viewed as making one's life miserable. 
It's all about wise spending and balance.

☺ How much can you save?
☺What is the rate of return?
☺ How much do you need?
☺When will you need it?

♥ Go with the risk that you are comfortable with.
♥ In the end, it's all about BALANCE.
♥ What makes you happy today? What makes you happy in the future? 
♥ Do something about it.

Personal Finance can be FUN. Trust me. ☺ -CMK


  1. It is fun and I'm glad filipino yuppies are slowly getting literate financially.

    Good luck with your journey.

    1. Indeed. Thanks for dropping by. Appreciate it :-)

    2. hello ms. were u able to get invited by this event? i am also interested into investing/saving my money like this. thank u..

    3. Hello! That's FREE! Visit - I think there's some instruction there. Tweet me should you encounter any queries pa :) Here's my twitter id: @callmekristine Thanks!

  2. I really admire your perseverance to share your journey to financial literacy.

  3. I like reading about personal finance. This is why I follow you. :)


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