Monday 21 October 2013


Let's face it: There are days when we feel blah on our quest to a healthier body. That some days we ask "why am I doing this again?!" a couple of times! A far fetched cry from the happily sexy lady wiggling her drool worthy arms with no trace of sweat at all. News Flash: The way to fitness is not all glory. There will be times that we may feel like a pig and want to skip all the dirty work. BUT: We've come this far to give up. And since our body is a limited edition, we should INVEST our time and effort to make it better. I've compiled my

AND GOING (yes, like that Energizer bunny!). On your mark, set... fire!

Oh bless the publishing house of Women's Health magazines. It's such an ego boost to know that you're not alone with this journey. That while it may take quite some time for you to pull up your tank and showcase your flat abs (ugh), the inspiration keeps you going. My favorite part is the You lose. You win portion. It showcased real people who fought and triumphed their battle against unhealthy living. Not only did they shed unwanted flabs, they also felt lighter and energized. Clothes, food and fitness routine ideas? This got you covered.

TIP: You don't need to pay for so much. There are always back issues that are sold for 75% off (depending on the dates). Befriend your magazine sales lady and you'll be surprised how cheap back issue magazines can get. There's one at Filbars or my favorite: Landmark Makati magazine stall (forgot the name, but it's near Guess Jeans booth).

I am not an avid fan of tea, but lately I recognized its benefits. I noticed I sleep more soundly (Thank you Agnes for Sunrider Calli Calming Tea ☺) and I tend to flush out all the oils and whatever toxins I've ingested. I am totally clueless on what tea to take, if you're like me start with the simple ones. I once asked the lady from Healthy Options why teas are so tasteless. She candidly replied, "Ah, it's because they are only dried leaves in general.." (Makes perfect sense).

TIP: For starters, you may want to give CBTL's Moroccan Mint Tea a shot. It's a fusion of tea and chocolate, you'll hardly notice the tea part. After that, I think you'll appreciate teas more. Of course for more posh ambiance, why don't you invite your girls for an afternoon tea convo at TWG Greenbelt 5. HERE's some review, if you will.

The only fruits and nuts I knew of before was it was a flavor of Cadbury chocolate ☺ Now, thanks to Maya she introduced me to a pantawid gutom combination. I always eat M&M whenever I'm outside and hungry. And so, this is a perfect alternative! Nuts always make me feel full. In the interest of full disclosure, the Tong Garden is costlier than average. It retails for Php 190. It's cheaper in Malaysia, but considering the airfare, it's cheaper to buy here. #NoBrainer ☺

TIP: Though this is a good workaround, go easy on the nuts. I've overdone it and as I type this post, 2 fat pimples are resting on my left cheek. Other than that, this is a lesser evil compared to sugary drinks or what-have-yous.

Make that fat free please. I recently tried the MATCHA GREEN TEA Swirl from CBTL and it was so yummy! You can also try the NESTLE Yogurt selection. I love their Buco and Peach Mango flavor. One thing I've learned is that we do NOT need to deprive yourself, we only need to be mindful of what's coming into our stomach and do something smart if we're munching unhealthy stuff! 

TIP: What's your favorite food? Asked my coach. My eyes lit up and gulped. With much gusto, I shared COFFEE JELLY! He told me that we won't be removing that on my food list. Bottom line: We have to think long term. Depriving ourselves is not a good way to lose weight. Healthy eating is.

I won't sugar coat this: Doing something to be fit is NOT easy. There are mornings that I feel so disappointed why am I not losing my tummy inch when I was sore all over. Muscle, tendons, fats and all! I drove past my breaking point was when I stepped again on a weighing scale and shocked WHY I GAINED instead of LOSING?! I mean WHY! I inhaled and exhaled and call these words to my mind: We can conquer by continuing. One day, I'll reap what I've sown, God's willing.

TIP: Load yourself with positive ideas about being fit. Subscribe on fitness blogs or FB pages. That it would do you good specially as you advanced in years. That it will make you feel lighter. That sweating out is good for your skin, emotion and overall condition.Whenever you can, do something for your health. As they say, it's the greatest wealth. -CMK


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