Tuesday 22 October 2013


Hello Charmaine! Thank you for writing this note. I really appreciate how persistent you are. I noticed you have sent me an email plus a follow-up comment too! ☺ And a BIG cheer for opening an online investment account coupled with an attendance to their EIP seminar! I won't be surprised if years down the line, you'll be earning big time through investing!

Let's answer those questions upfront but first some nuggets about dividends:

♣ Dividends are paid when companies incur earnings (simply put: when business is doing good, stockholders have bonus via dividends).
♣ Dividends are generally not guaranteed. While there are stocks with sure dividends, majority are upon Company's discretion.
♣ Dividends can be cash or stocks (additional shares). Dividends are computed based on this formula. Cash Dividend = Cash Dividends per Share x No. of shares you own.

To know if companies give dividends, you may look at their dividend record on previous years. In COL Financial, you can click on Quotes Tab > Stock (enter the code for your stock of choice) then click on "Dividends" tab. Take for example PLDT stock below (stock code: TEL)

While still, past performance is not a 100% guarantee of dividend declaration, there's a likelihood that a company will give out dividends specially if it's consistent the past years.

Tip: If you are not familiar with stock codes, you can either search it on Google or click on the Stock List (just above the News and Valuations text on the screen shot).

How to receive cash dividends?
Cash dividends will be added on your cash balance. Remember that you have a cash balance on which you can use to buy stocks? If you have a cash balance of Php 5,000 and company ABC paid out dividends worth Php 100 (say Php 1.00 per share x 100 shares of yours). Your new balance will now be Php 5,100.00. You can either use it to purchase more shares on withdraw it. To withdraw funds from COL, click HERE.

How can I be 'alerted' if a company I have shares with declared dividends?
2 ways. You will receive an email from COL and upon login, there is a page whereby you need to confirm that you are aware of a specific dividend declaration.

I hope I've shed some light on your queries. God bless you on your financial journey. Any questions, feel free to keep in touch. ☺ -CMK


  1. That's sweet! Thank you so much . This post is very much appreciated. :)

  2. Nice post Kristine! But I think on the last part where you said that there are two ways to determine if a company has declared dividends. You were only able to state one. I am guessing, the other way is through snail mail (as is I am informed by PLDT that I can get my cash dividends in their partnering bank).

    1. Hello iMoney.. Thanks for dropping by. Basically the 2 ways are:

      a. You will receive an email from COL and;
      b. Upon login, there is a page whereby you need to confirm that you are aware of a specific dividend declaration.

      No snail mails (for dividends) as far as COL Financial is concerned.

      I really appreciate how keen you are though. More power :-)


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