Wednesday 29 August 2012


This can be your ticket to success!

I've come across some few articles that emphasized the importance of business cards.
Cards in the corporate world is a normal thing.
Some even have protocols, like if you're a Certified Public Accountant,
ethics require that you don't advertise a specific expertise on your card
(i.e. Taxation Expert, etc.).
Rules like that is a big giveaway that cards for business
have been a corporate practice for quite some time.
But what about business card on blogging?
Is it really necessary?

Here are some pointers why you should think of creating a business card
to widen your horizon and thus, promote your blog site:

♣ Cards promote your brand blog the right way.
Handling a piece of card is a traditional tool to promote your craft.
I guess it's too much of a hassle for your targets to recall your name,
type it in Google and pick the ones that's more likely your site.
So to cut the slack - give your important details for their convenience.

♣ Convo Starter. Say you're in an event, you're not supposed to
give the card to someone then just walk away. Oftentimes, you hand them
the card and you tell them some story behind the blog
(Tip: Test the water first and see if the receiver is interested
to hear your ice breaker, if yes, keep the story short and sweet).

♣ Powerful Remember-Me Tool.
No matter how amazing one's memory is, there's no way to
recall all the people you met in an event.
Much less each person's contact details.
By handing something tangible, there's more chances of winning being recalled.

♣ Give a card. Give yourself a chance (to get noticed).
This holds true not only in blogger's events but on other functions too,
like you've checked-in in a nice hotel, or ate at a restaurant worth blogging,
or bumped into a nice lady working for a PR Agency. The possibilities are endless!

Again, I'm sharing this to you as a friend.
I too have a looong way to go before I reach the peak of my blogging fantasies,
but even Milo Commercial sings:
Great things start from small beginnings!
Hope you find this helpful. -CMK



  1. nice post. thanks for this kristine! :) i must say I'm guilty for not being prepared as you are, i always forget my business card. sniff.

    1. Hi Ms. Bridgette :) Thanks for dropping by! I want to say Hi to you last time I saw you (I think that's Belo's event). Hope to see you again! Mwah! ♥♥♥

  2. I always forget but this time i have to Order Business Cards..thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Been starting a beauty blog inspired by you and other 2 bloggers Miss K :) I guess I need to have something like this to be noticed. :) Thanks for the info po :) If you wanna see my 18 days old and humble blog, you can visit it here :D yey!

  4. Good day Miss K :) I went back here cause I'll be making my own blog card na :D And looked for details on what to include on my card :D Thanks again! :D


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