Tuesday 28 August 2012


Mullet Dress - also known as High-Low Dress is going strong this season!
For the longest time, I've been persuaded by my good friend Jolly
to score one but for some reasons, I'm not comfortable
wearing such strong statement dress.
Not until I find one that's subtle but trendy at the same time.

Dress : RedHead (SM Girls Teens' Wear)
Location : SM Department Store, Teen Section.
Available Colors : Blue and Black
Price is Php 699.00.

I personally loved the details of the dress.
High Low. V-cut back. Unconventional sleeve cuts. Cotton Texture.
Not to mention, it being affordable.

Bonus : I saw Ms. Liz of Project Vanity at SM MOA,
same time that I bought this dress. She's nice and sweet!

Few tips when sporting a mullet dress:
Best with Footwear with Height. Unless you're super tall,
opt for a wedge or comfy heels to draw attention to the high-low effect.
♠ For breezy/cold places, you can always bring a cardigan as a cover up.
Add a pop of strong color, so to intensify the style.
♠ Little pairings go a long way. Pair the dress with a bracelet, or watch
to set some consistency. Keep the color variation to a MAXimum of 3.
Nobody wants to be a walking rainbow! ☺

Here's our Fashion Inspiration for today!
One with dainty salmon pink dress,
another one with edgier white dress and boots combo,
last is a floor length high low equation.

That's it! Our fashion fix for the day.
It always gives me a happy thought, whenever I find
style, comfort and reasonable price tag in one fabric!

SM Girls Teens' Wear or GTW has an FB account,
Like them on Facebook by clicking HERE. 

You're not created to be miserable,
you're created to be beautiful in big and small ways! -CMK


  1. I like your dress Miss K. The color suits you :)

  2. Cute V-cut back! :D And I also prefer wedges for dresses :D


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