Thursday, 30 August 2012


One Event YOU should not miss!
How far can your PHP 100.00 (approx USD 3.00) go?
That's one question that this event can answer amazingly!
It's shocking that I haven't made time for this event the past years
but now I'll see to it that I won't let it pass.

Going back to the question, well, all books are sold for only PHP 100.00
Types of books? Well, too many to count. You don't believe me?
Take a peek on past year's evidence.
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Next question I suppose is the quality of books.
Well, I think the event being featured by ANC will prove its worth.

ANC Feature Last Year (2011)
My personal favorite amongst all the authors is Ed Lapiz.
I don't know how to put appropriate adjectives
into his books but this I am sure of,
you can become a nicer version of you!
Reading his books are so liberating and revolves around:
Enjoy your life without destroying it!
He's a natural comedian. Believe me.
You'll end up laughing while reading his punch lines on his book.
Books are eternal.
And I think this is a nice avenue to nourish our intellectual side (naks!)
So see you at SMX Convention Center!
And smart tip: You can start your Christmas Shopping there,
after all in the Philippines - Christmas starts at September. *wink! -CMK

PS: Details are listed on the first poster above. SMX Convention Center is just across SM MOA.


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