Wednesday 15 August 2012


Black on Black
Remember my "this season's fashion list" post?
And remember that I had a confession that I already bought
a cat eye glasses long before I published the post? Hihi. (Click HERE).
That's the one I wore above. No - the price tag is not that huge.
In fact - it's budget friendly. Only below Php 500.
For those of you who's wondering what brand is it,
it's Pacific Blue Eye wear.
Their famous endorsers include Bea Alonzo and Judy Ann Santos.
Bought mine at SM Department Store,
and guess what - mine's the last pair!
Talk about must buys.

The cat eye effect is so subtle but I like it.
It's polarized (anti-silaw) and it serves its purpose.
I don't want my glasses to cost an arm and a leg
since I tend to misplace them frequently (facepalm).

Anyways, you're in for a treat today!
Our fashion inspiration is not 1, not 2, but 3!
Help yourselves and indulge how gorgeous they are,
even with their glasses on!

(From left) Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Richie, Anne Hathaway
Some use glasses solely for fashion,
but I use mine since I choose to protect my eyes from
direct sunlight. Doctor from Shinagawa told me that
direct sunlight causes poor eyesight.
And yep! I had an intra-lasik surgery at Shinagawa last March 2012.
But, that's another story that I've already shared by the way.
Curious? Click HERE.

Overall, sunglasses have so many benefits,
and among them are,
to take care of our peepers! -CMK



  1. Sunglasses is one thing that can help people to look more fashionable.

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  2. Very nice pair. And affordable too. :D


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