Tuesday 14 August 2012


CMK's Facial at Slimmers World Face & Skin Clinic
Me and my mom has tried Slimmer's World Face and Skin clinic long before.
I've been a loyal client of them since 2007 due to my laser hair removal treatment.
Today's post is about my experience on their facial treatment.

Confession to make : this is my first ever real facial in my life!
Call it icky or funny - but that's the truth.
I've had diamond peel before but that's about it.
My skin is low maintenance, I argue, but for the sake of healthy skin I tried it.
So there - Facial - that's CMK first.

I think part of the reason why I opted to steer clear from facials
is that I am mortified by some of my friend's stories on how painful it is!
Let me share with you my first hand experience on facial treatment.

I've been greeted by familiar faces there and since I'm a regular client, I know where's where.
I've been escorted to a cozy room (their spa music is the best) where I laid down for a few minutes.
Next came, Ate (forgive me as I forgot her name).
Your Face's Haven!
First part of the treatment is a facial massage.
Heaven! All points were gently pressed and it was so relaxing!
I am on the verge of sleeping when she turned on the steaming machine.
Steaming machine is being used so as to open my pores.
Here's the crazy part - she started pricking my blackheads, whiteheads, etc.
I was like meowing the whole time!
But in fairness, it's tolerable.
I can sense the long-settled-virtually-invisible dirt are parting from my face.
After some minutes of pricking, She cleaned my face,
then put some moisturizer and good stuff.
Next part is the mask part. I liked it. I'm like a mummy!
After that, she rinsed my face and needless to say,
that's the cleanest face I've ever had inside and out!
Boo! White Lady!
Slimmers World Face and  Skin Clinic
Branch : Pasay Road (in front of Dusit Hotel, Makati)
Price : I got mine in a package. One treatment costs about Php 800 more or less.
Php 1,800 (Facial plus diamond peel).

☺Place is relaxing and clean. The music. The ambiance. The works!
☺Instruments used are sterile. No doubt about it.
☺Personnel administering the treatment is well trained.
☺Equipments and liquids are very safe and did not cause any after facial zits.

☻Is there any way to stay away from all that pricking?
Or am I displaying my foolishness by asking such question? Haha!

I promise to get a facial at least once every quarter.
Not ideal, but it's doable for me.
Think about it, when people talk to you they will look at... where else?
Your face, of course.
So it's worth all the cleaning and glowing. *Wink! -CMK

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