Thursday 16 August 2012


Bronzers are so in the trend specially on summer season,
but it's been dominating various blogs and fashion pages
maybe due to the extra shine it gives to one's face.
Bronzer for today is part of the Makeover Essentials UK loot
I got the past month (click HERE).
I find it eye-catching due to it's compact and sleek design.

Some Details
Cost : Around Php 800 (converted from GBP)
You can buy it online by clicking HERE.
How to use? You just turn the thing upside down,
with the brush pointing downwards, and let the particles settle.
Once the brush is loaded, apply it on your face,
in a circular motion.

Pigmented. It's rich in color. It's important that you
pick a color that bonds with your skin.
Else, you'll have this overbaked look. (facepalm).
It's bronzer + brush in one!
Perfect for that traveling bella in you!
It's hypo-allergenic. There are bronzers that have irritated
my skin. But with this one,
I don't have that horror of having any zits at all.

Sample Swatch of 2 swipes

Price. I wish it's not as pricey as it is. Taking into account
the sky high conversion of GBP to PHP. Toot.
No national news whatsoever for this post so I'll s-t-o-p ;)
☻I find it difficult to cap the whole thing because I have to
arrange the brush in such a way that the cap won't get it the way.
So much of the 'way'!

If you're willing to shell out some moolahs
for quality bronzer, this will fit the qualification.
However, if you're not comfortable with the tag,
I suggest that you get a cheaper yet equally nice brand.

Whatever your pick is,
try applying a bronzer one time,
it will make such a difference in your overall look.
Keep Glowing! -CMK

Golden, Brazen


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