Tuesday 23 August 2011

Exploring Mall Of Asia

1. Lucky to see one of Lego's Exhibit. I vividly recall that we exerted an effort to go to 2nd floor just to see the whole lego masterpiece. It's a Philippine Map with Chocolate Hills, MOA, Banaue Rice Terraces in Lego pieces. Cool!

Lego Exhibit
2. It's Tita's Birthday! She chose a saddle-back brown shoulder bag from Girbaud. It's perfect to pair with jeans or dress. With her on-the-go type of work, it's a must-have no doubt.

3. Having a hearty talk while waiting in Krispy Kreme's Queue is a good way to top-off a weekend. One of my cousins is in the verge of the pick-a-course zone (he'll be in college next school year). As such, the never ending saga to answer this question continues....
(What's the best course out there?)

Krispy Kreme Goodies
4. Latest Discovery : Krispy Kreme serves good coffee. And they also have a coffee passport that comes along with your loot. If you're not into donuts, you can score a freebie take-away for your loved ones. How financially rewarding is that? ;) -CMK.

Krispy Koffee?


  1. Krispy Kreme!! One of my favorites. A must try is their new one, the cookie dough :)

  2. Im a huge fan of exhibits and legos too! :D my brother owns a box of classic legos given by a cousin a very long time ago, yet still with him kahit po kulang kulang na :P Ansaya lang maglaro :D (em too childish :/ )

    I always wait for Krispe Kreme's calendar which includes freebies everymonth! :D


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