Saturday 18 January 2020


We may be a way off from the school breaks, but that doesn't mean that you can’t start planning the best trip of 2020. One of the best ways to travel this year will be on the road. You can have the most fun when you’re driving somewhere new, and it’s not just the destination you get to, but who you travel with on the way. Image source.

The only problem with road-tripping somewhere new is that you have to do it! There is a lot of exhaustive planning involved in taking a road trip, but it’s this planning that is easy to do when you have it in bite-sized pieces. So, let’s break your journey down into six planning tips! *This is a partnership post.

1. It would help if you got practical with your time. The nitty-gritty needs to be taken care of before you go, which includes making sure that your pets are cared for, and the bills are up to date. You should also ensure that you let the neighbours know that you plan to be gone - just the ones that you trust, of course!

2. Get your car sorted before you go. Getting the best Vauxhall Servicing before you go is going to ensure that your vehicle is in tip-top shape for a good time on the road. It would help if you had it to be in good condition, with possibly new tires and top up the radiator, too. You want to make sure you are not going to break down while you are on the road.

3. Speaking of getting the car sorted before you go, don’t forget the inside of the vehicle. Stock the interior of the car with snacks, add a first aid kit, and a backup emergency kit in the back of the car. Then you want to make sure you have things that are practical, like hand wipes and trash bags. All of this will work together to keep your car looking great and comfortable for your trip.

4. A road trip is not complete without technology. You should load the car with a fully charged GPS and a spare mobile phone in the boot with a PAYG sim for emergencies! Bring additional chargers for the children’s tablets, too. You’ll likely not need them, but it’s always good to have a backup. 

5. Food is a necessary part of a road trip, which is why you need coolers and snacks stashed away in the boot of the car. You can never have too many snacks, just try not to pack anything perishable!

6. Lastly, your road trip is not going to begin without the best crew to go with! You can ask your friends, or you can stash the kids away in the car and hit your route as you’ve planned to hit it. Road trips are always better when you have your favourite people with you.

Now you’re ready for your trip; you can make it a great one! Don’t be afraid to go off the beaten track with it, either, making it a memorable one!


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