Tuesday 7 January 2020


Some of us choose holiday destinations based purely on how hot the weather will be and whether there is a nearby beach. Other people might be attracted to a city because of its heritage and history. Sunbathing is all well and good, but it can be boring if you want to wrap yourself in the history of a country and learn more about its culture. While Magaluf is a great place to visit, it is not necessarily a centre of culture and heritage. However, there are places all over the world and all across Europe that are!

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Here, we look at some of the best European travel destinations for culture and history:

Hungary is a country that has had a tumultuous past, and this is apparent in the city of Budapest. The remnants of the long-forgotten Turkish empire can be seen in the form of thermal baths in the city. These days they are a huge tourist attraction, and they’re a great place to relax, but you can still get a sense of the grand and original architecture from when they were first built. There are also some fabulous museums, such as the  Terror Haza, which charts the story of Budapest through the Nazi occupation and then into a communist regime that ruled its citizens with an iron fist. While it is not the nicest of histories, it certainly is fascinating! *This is a partnership post.

London is one of the best places in the world for history and culture, with plenty of sites of historical interest to be found. While there are the typical tourist destinations of the Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace, there are also some much darker, and dare we say it, fascinating sites. For example, the Jack the Ripper tour gives you an insight into victorian London and takes you around the locations of the now infamous murders - grisly, but extraordinary!

The Ancient Greeks are the people we should thank for inventing the concept of democracy and shaping the way that society works, amongst many other things. So much of our lives can be traced back to them. If you go to Greece now, you can see the spectacular ruins of this once-great civilisation. The Parthenon and The Temple of Olympian Zeus are still reasonably well maintained, and you can get a good idea of what they looked like thousands of years ago. The city has also continued its great traditions in art, music, and literature, so there is more than enough to keep you entertained.

In recent years, Prague has become a hotspot for stag dos thanks to its cheap beer. However, it is so much more than that. It is one of the best-preserved cities in Europe, so the majority of the medieval buildings are still there for you to see. Golden lane is a site that we recommend, where you will see doorways that stand at the height of your chest! It was constructed in the 15th century in the complex of Prague Castle, but after 1657, only fourteen houses remained. 


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