Tuesday 21 January 2020


Whether everyone is reuniting for a special occasion, or you’re just all very close, you might occasionally want to find the opportunity to travel together. However, with a large number of people, how far you can go might be limited. To that end, we’re looking at how Portsmouth could be the perfect place to take the whole gang. Picture source.

A wide range of accommodation to suit all needs
Finding a place for everyone to stay is likely to be your number one concern. Thankfully, when it comes to accommodation, there’s a huge selection of hotels, B&Bs, boutique apartments, and much more. As such, everyone can choose the place that suits them best. If you want to make sure that everyone stays together as best as possible, then some of the self-catering accommodation might be suitable for large numbers, even if it does mean you sacrifice some of the service.

Getting to and getting around the city
Another hassle about travelling with all of the family is deciding how everyone is going to travel. If you have multiple people able and willing to drive, that can work, but parking can be costly and getting lost is always a factor. Look at coach hire in Portsmouth to help everyone get there in style and comfort. Besides taking everyone to and from the city, it can even help you visit some of the sites around the city.

Take a dive into some maritime history
While it’s not often considered one of the best cities for culture and history when compared to some of the European capitals, Portsmouth has a lot more to offer than you might think on a first glance. For instance, you can visit, play laser quest, or even stay overnight in No Man’s Fort, a huge 19th century fort that was designed to fight off the risk of a French invasion. It’s only accessible by ferry, so visiting it can feel like quite the adventure. *This is a partnership post.

Enjoy some dizzying heights
You can get down as close to the water as you like at the coast surrounding the city, but if you want a view of the sea that’s hard to beat, then you will want to climb to the Spinnaker Tower. This is the tallest tower in Britain outside London, and is complete with an observation deck, high tea cafes, and even abseiling opportunities for the bravest amongst the family.

Plenty for the whole family
If there are kids who are part of the trip, then it’s not all history and backdrops, either. There’s plenty to keep them entertained. The Blue Reef Aquarium is one of the most impressive displays of marine life in the country, while the Staunton Family Park is full of local critters and gorgeous gardens for all to explore.

If you feel like a trip to the coast with the family, then Portsmouth could be precisely what you need, full of lovely seaside sights, boutique shops, and plenty of interesting historical and natural vistas along the way.

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