Sunday 8 December 2019


It's a bit premature for me to talk about it but I can't help it so bear with me. It's only day 2 on my quest to do yoga for a week (or two, who knows?) but I enjoy those 'extra spaces' in my back after two yoga practices. As I've mentioned on my HOW TO STAY HEALTHY THIS FESTIVE SEASON post, I feel stiff the past days. That's probably because it's been almost a year since I practiced yoga. It clicked on me yesterday (no pun intended) that since I have a lot of free time (thanks to my unused holiday leaves), I can do something that involves taking care of my well-being. Enter yoga!

I particularly watch and join Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. I personally pick those that last from 15-20 minutes because, I'll be honest, 45 minutes will bore me at this stage. I got this yoga mat from Sweaty Betty when it was on sale and I love it. On day two, Gab decided to join me and since I only have one mat, I used a fleece blanket instead. It's slippery and not ideal for downward dog and grounding poses but I can make it work. So yes, my intention is to do yoga most days this December and take it from there. Do something that excites you! -CMK

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