Saturday 7 December 2019


Christmas is in full swing especially at Oxford Circus, it's manic! I was telling Gab earlier that this is the last time I'll go shop at Oxford Circus during the weekend. Weekdays are much tamer and myself having almost a week of annual leave to take is a good excuse to defer my gallivanting on a Monday. 2019 has taught me so much and I am so happy to discover what works for me. Before, I was so scared to step on a weighing scale but it became my best friend this year. You know why? Because you see the numbers, the solid facts. Getting to know my progress (and lack thereof) is liberating. In the same vein, I don't let it control my mood. I take it as it is. Oops, I ate more, so therefore, I'll eat more sensibly. Oh yay, I made progress. Time to celebrate!

Christmas, new year and all the days in between are made for togetherness. It's not the actual food per se but the joy it brings when you're eating with your special someone. Don't let the fear of gaining weight stop you from celebrating. Though easier said than done, there are ways to stay healthy this season:

1. Take time to indulge. Accept that this is a season to eat and be merry. Don't play scrooge, if there are days that you feel you fall of the wagon, that's okay, let it be. Eat intentionally, too. If you don't fancy the taste of minced pies, by all means skip it. But if you're living for that extra thick cheesecake, why, get an extra slice. Also, if it's within your means and we're all being 'naughty' anyway, try to 'spend' your calories in a quality dessert. Make it count! PS: Sorry if I'm dessert biased, you can replace it with any of your comfort food. I have a copious amount of inclination on sweet things!

2. If you're doing intermittent fasting, try to stick to it. It's very unusual (but probably there are some) to have a get-together in the morning so that's good news to extend your fast a little bit more from the moment you wake up. My trick is to make a home-made brewed coffee with hazelnut milk. This is my no fail recipe to stay fuller for longer.

3. Get the greens in, as early as you can. I intend to do this soon. The thing with festive meals is that it's very rich and carb-heavy. Not surprised because the loveliest food to the tongue are carbs, let's be honest. However, juicing your kale and carrots and ginger first thing in the morning will sort your ingest something healthy tick box.

4. If you're eating sweets, try to eat it after your main meal. I never felt deprived these days and still, I'm happy to report that my weight is going down. Why? Because mommy is right. Snacking frequently makes your blood sugar fluctuate and it hampers your body's ability to eat your 'stored fats'. Do I still eat doughnuts, cheesecakes, chocolates? OF COURSE! But with an all-important tweak: after my main meal. Maybe not straight after, but definitely within an hour.

5. Curate a doable exercise routine. It can be as simple as it can be. My current routine involves 15-minute run and 15-minute upper body exercise. My upper body is weak, so weak that when I tried the Bear Grylls boot camp adventure last summer, it took me days and ibuprofens to recover! But we're getting there, slowly. So, I'm doing this 30-minute workout twice a week religiously. I plan to incorporate a 20-minute yoga practice because I feel stiff. It's been close to a year since I practice and my tight muscles long for it.

Christmas and the rest of festive season are meant to be enjoyed, let it be. If anything fails, that's what new year's resolution are for *wink! -CMK

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