Saturday 7 December 2019


I have never been a tea person most of my life. I'd definitely choose coffee in a heart beat. Then, I moved in London. And Europe has winter. And winter means you need something warm to... well, warm you up. Plus, I can only caffein-ate myself so much. That's when my relationship with teas changed. I'll be honest, it took me a while to be familiar with its weak flavour. Most teas are subtle and if you're flavour obsessed like I am, it is a paradigm shift. Five years on, I can say I've drank my fair share of cup of teas like everyone else in England! I have three favourite teas to date:

One Saturday, Gab decided to go full on and buy these lovely cube boxes from T2. They are one of the best teas I've ever tasted. Theirs have the most intense flavour. You should try Packs a Peach once. It is so good!

When mommy visited me the first time here, she's having trouble sleeping - thanks to jet lag. I told her to drink Clipper Snore & Peace tea. A couple of minutes later, she's sleeping like a baby. I thought at first it's a bit hippie voodoo, but I think this is due to lavender and chamomile. Whenever I go abroad where jet lag's involved, this is on top of my to-pack list.

Let's not forget the good old Twinings. I like their peppermint tea. This one is the most cost friendly among the three. I forgot to pack my tea when I went to a client site for three days, I popped over to Sainsbury's and got one for less than two quid. I'm sorted! 

The good thing about teas is it slows us down. Because it's hot, we need a wee bit of time to cup a ceramic between our hands and inevitably reflect about life and all the 'good teas'. Not for long though, or your tea will get cold. It happens to me every time! -CMK


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