Wednesday 4 December 2019


Now that I'm in my 30's, my approach to skin care routine is this: the simpler, the better. Simply because if it's just a tad complicated, chances are, I will stop doing it. I find this no-fuss approach sustainable so far. I've always been a firm believer that what goes inside your body will affect your skin the most compared to topical creams and liquids. I am not as consistent these days I have to admit but I'd like to go back to my juicing routine. In case you're wondering, I juice a bunch of black kale, ginger, 1-2 pieces of carrots and a squeeze of lemon. The taste is admittedly not as nice but it's very good for your body and skin. My skin creams of course are a nice complimentary.

Boots L;ft range by far are my favourites. By the way, this is not a sponsored post. I just genuinely like the products. The night cream is richer than the day one. I like that the price point is affordable, packaging is okay (though I heard some reviews moaning about it) and most importantly, my skin adores it. I've been investing on eye creams too. I know it's an added step for a lazy bum like me but better be safe than sorry!

O’Keeffe's lip repair unscented stick
Bobby Brown extra face oil
Lush sugar plum fairy lip scrub

I got the facial oil from my friend (thank you, M!) and I sometimes mix a few drops with my moisturiser. I have a dry / combination skin and winter wreaks havoc on my already parched skin. The lip repair stick is life changing for me! I was suffering from painful lips windburn and petroleum jelly just doesn't help to my dismay. Then, while browsing Boots website, I discovered this beaut! I never looked back since. I can't leave my house without her. Lastly, lip scrub is not truly an essential but a nice to have. Sugar plum flavour is a Christmas limited edition so grab one if you're eyeing on this particular scrub! It last ages! -CMK


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