Wednesday 21 August 2019


Choosing your next holiday type or destination can be confusing! From city breaks to beach holidays, camping or perhaps Disneyland (for the little ones)! Perhaps you’ve pondered the idea of a cruise holiday before and wondered if it’s for you? If you’ve never tried a cruise before the idea may feel a little niche, but rest assured these holidays come packed with lots of advantages for all the family! Let’s take a look. 

We all want to get our yearly break, but not all of us want to break the bank to do so! One of the great things about cruise holidays is that they can be super cost-effective, with lots of cheap options available and some that offer all-inclusive packages too. All-inclusive can be a fabulous way to save money because you know all that you stand to pay upfront without any hidden extras. Even those cruises that don’t include everything will still save you money and offer you plenty for what you pay. For those looking to see some beautiful places, get some great entertainment and experience the open waters, cheap cruises at Bolsover Cruise Club could well be for you! *This is a partnership post.

Easy & Convenient
When you opt for a cruise, everything is so easy and convenient that you really won’t have a care in the world! From your meals to your entertainment, to your itinerary of all the beautiful destinations that you will stopover at. With a cruise, everything is taken care of and much of the planning element of your holiday is eliminated. All that you need is right there at your feet, so you simply need to sit back, relax, and have a good time. You won’t need to research the best restaurants in town or the best beaches; your cruise plan will provide these things onboard and at your set stop-offs! You’ll get to see multiple beautiful destinations with ease without having to worry about the preparation or your luggage. Many people find it hard to choose between several different destinations on their bucket list, but with a cruise, you can potentially see a few in a short space of time! 

For all the family 
Sometimes when you’ve got kids, not every destination or kind of holiday is going to be suitable. When you go for a cruise, you’ll likely be able to find plenty that caters for kids. Many cruises and offer a wide variety of different activities to suit many different age groups. Kids clubs can be a great way to allow your kids to have some supervised fun while allowing the adults to have a bit of relaxation too. (Everybody wins)! 

It’s not always so easy to make a decision that keeps the whole family happy, but with the right kind of cruise, you could end up finding the solution! The first thing to do is think about some of the perfect destinations that you’ve always wanted to visit. You should plan your cruise with your dream destinations in mind! Happy holidays!

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