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Everyone loves a good vacation to leave the hustle and bustle of the world behind for a few days and enjoy the life of luxury (plus, if you are lucky enough to fly there in a private jet the luxury starts as soon as you board - of course when it comes down to cost private jet flights do tend to be more expensive than commercial flights, but if you shop around, you can still get luxurious seats on a private plane for an affordable rate so do not be afraid to do some research before booking).

Before booking that next family vacation, check out some of the finds below that could possibly change your mind for your next destination!  Pack the family up, check out some travel resources to make sure you didn’t miss anything, and head on out for the adventure of a lifetime.

The Pyrenees
This is the perfect destination for the mountain climber in the family.  Located in Southern France and Northern Spain, this is the perfect alternative to the Alps.  The Alps are an extremely popular tourist destination and can be a little overwhelming with people at times.  This is the perfect alternative to get a great adventure and not be shoulder to shoulder with other tourists.  If you go at the right time, you can also see the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona.  You will also have to stop by the eye popping national parks in Gavarnie or Aiguestortes. 

If you don’t mind a potential 24 hour trip (if you are located in North America or Europe), Mauritius is well worth the lengthy travel.  Offering up some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Mauritius is loaded with delectable cuisine from around the world and immaculate hotels.  You and the family can also travel up some of the volcanic mountains available to explore and get to know the natives who love to have visitors travel to their destination.  Because it is so unknown, you won’t be surrounded by a ton of people, thus really giving you that relaxing vacation you have been craving.

Surigao del Sur
Located in the Philippines, travelers must visit the Hinatuan River.  This river is so picturesque that you won’t even believe that it is real.  Hidden away behind rocky mountains, you will be able to take breathtaking photographs that could be sold to postcard companies.  The family will be able to explore some of the awesome caves, as well as enjoy hanging out at the “Enchanted River” as it is called by many.  The Philippines are loaded with beautiful destinations, but this is surely one you don’t want to miss. 

Szczecin, Poland
This one may seem a little obscure, but it is something for the eyes to see.  In Szczecin, Poland lies the “Crooked Forest”.  For our hiking population, this is a can’t miss destination.  There are roughly 400 pine trees that grow with a 90 degree angle from their root.  It is a sight to see!  It will cause people to have in depth discussions as to how and why the trees all grow the way that they do there.  Does it have something to do with the equator and gravitational pull?  Let the debate begin!

Lake Natron, Tanzania
Tanzania?  Why not!  The world is such a unique place and the way that some of nature’s structures built themselves is mind boggling.  Lake Natron in Tanzania is a lake that has a high evaporation rate combined with high alkalinity, which when combined form a crust over the top.  You will be in awe that you are even looking at water because of the incredible red and pink shade that envelop the water.  You’ll encounter interesting salt feeding organisms that you won’t see anywhere else in the world. 

Las Pozas, Mexico
Are you someone who enjoys the beauty of a garden?  If so, we have the right spot for you.  Millionaire Edward James was responsible for building an 80-acre garden jam packed with the most unique sculptures you will ever encounter.  In addition to viewing the sculptures, you will be entertained with some great wildlife, some insane staircases, and swimming pools to cool you off.  This is a true reflection of how beautiful nature is and how creative people are in the world. 

Ischia Island, Italy
Vacation is meant for rest and relaxation, right?  Sometimes people take vacations and need a vacation from their vacation because of non stop adventures.  Ischia Island, Italy, offers you a break from the craziness of everyday life and busy vacations.  Travel to the Tyrrhenian Sea and you’ll fall in love with what this volcanic island has to offer.  Relax in the thermal spas, volcanic mud, and hot springs.  A chance to soak up nature, literally.   It’s an absolutely gorgeous spot that will allow you to return to normal life completed calm and relaxed.

Pink Lake, Australia
While taking a break from the kangaroos and dingos, plan to stop by one of the coolest looking lakes in the world.  As the name states, this lake is a pretty pink that gathers its unique color from the alga that grow in the water.  This is one of those places that will stop you in its tracks to marvel at the beauty that is right in front of you.  While in Australia, continue your nature quest by stopping by the Fitzroy and Carlton Gardens for a unique experience of some of the most beautiful gardens in the world.  You can even spend a night or two at Novotel Melbourne Central, one of the most beautiful hotels in the world.

Battambang, Cambodia
Trips to Discover goes into great depth about the beauty of this vacation destination.  Considered to be the “Rice Bowl of Cambodia”, you and your family will be able to get away from the busy tourists in this quiet retreat.  You can visit a variety of Buddhist shrines, temples, village street celebrations, ride the “bamboo train” or hit the river with your kayak.  It is a place that is very unique and is the ideal place to visit to avoid huge crowds while still getting a unique vacation experience unlike any you have had before.

These are just a sliver of the amount of unique places in the world that we don’t know a lot about.  But, if you are looking for a life adventure, these are some great places to start your journey off.  We get one life in this world--let’s see it all!


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